Helpless Tuxedo Kitten Rescued on Los Angeles Sidewalk, In Urgent Need of Care


A tiny, frightened kitten was discovered on a Los Angeles sidewalk, immediately seeking comfort as he nestled into the warm embrace of a compassionate rescuer.

This frail tuxedo kitten was found struggling on the pavement, his eyes sealed shut by an upper respiratory infection. The rescuer reached out to Kitty of Angels, a Los Angeles-based non-profit dedicated to aiding homeless cats and kittens.

The organization swiftly took action, confident in their ability to provide the necessary medical care. Soon after, they shared an encouraging update:

“Meet Rocco, an adorable 11-ounce bundle now undergoing thyroid treatment, poised for recovery. Our immediate goal: enable him to defecate independently and reach a weight of one pound.”

Rocco received prompt emergency veterinary care due to his fragile state and was treated for his respiratory infection. He spent his recovery in the loving care of his foster mother, often sleeping peacefully in the palm of her hand.

As he continued to recuperate, his carers shared more good news:

“Rocco attended the vaccine clinic today and achieved a significant milestone—weighing in at 2 lbs! His progress is thrilling for us, perhaps more than for him.”

Rocco’s affectionate nature endeared him to all, earning him the nickname ‘cuddle bug.’

“His foster mom showers him with affection, and he has captured all of our hearts.”

However, concerns arose when Rocco displayed difficulty defecating and remained unusually small. Further veterinary examination led to a diagnosis of constipation and congenital hyperthyroidism, requiring an extended nine-day hospital stay.

Despite his size, Rocco proved to be a tenacious fighter:

“Great news—Rocco, our brave little survivor, has left the hospital to continue recovery with his fantastic foster mom.”

Rocco’s adventurous spirit shone through as he mastered escaping from his kitty pen to seek human companionship.

Lizzie, the founder of Kitty of Angels, commented on his ongoing treatment:

“We are fine-tuning his medication dosage, which may take some time to fully address his condition. He’s showing remarkable improvement each week.”

Now over 13 ounces, Rocco’s future looks promising, surrounded by a team who believes in his potential to grow into a friendly, loving cat.

For those captivated by Rocco’s heartwarming journey, you can follow his progress through Kitty of Angels. Visit our website for more inspiring rescue stories!


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