Rescuers Save S’mores the Kitten and Siblings After Fireworks Scared Off Their Mama


The cutest kitten, S’mores, has a swirl of what looks like a lightly toasted marshmallow on her face. Her light blue eyes complement her charming demeanor. Rescuers describe her as a “typical Siamese diva who loves to be admired and loved on.”

Although S’mores now lives a great life, she and her siblings had a traumatic start. Volunteer rescuers from Southern California at CAAT Friends shared the story of S’mores, her sister Apple, and brothers Delta and Houdini in early August.

The Kittens Lost Their Mother Due to Fireworks

As we’ve shared before, 4th of July celebrations can be distressing for many animals, leading to a spike in lost pets as they try to hide. During the fireworks in 2022, S’mores’ mother ran away, leaving the kittens abandoned.

The kittens were about 9 weeks old, but S’mores was small for her age.

“S’mores is very dainty. She’s very tiny for being 9 weeks old as she was once the runt but has started to gain more weight,” the rescuers shared on Facebook.

Despite her size, S’mores was “packin’ on the weight,” a playful and active kitten. As a little diva, her favorite thing was to “find a pile of bedding and make herself a little throne area to look at those around her,” they said.

A Firecracker Sister

S’mores’ sister, Apple, a “wild child” calico, closely bonded with S’mores. Rescuers hoped to adopt the kittens together when they were ready. As a kitten rescued due to fireworks, Apple had a lively personality:

“This beauty is Apple! She’s the wild child sister of S’mores! This girl is a firecracker! She’s got playful energy for days. She is fearless and loves playing with her siblings and toys.”

Next, the kittens’ brother Delta is a “total love bug” and “mini teddy bear” who loves affection.

Meanwhile, brother Houdini is a cuddly house panther who lost part of his tail. This didn’t bother him and added to his character.

“It just adds to the more cute look of this tiny house panther,” they shared.

S’mores and Apple’s First Adoption

In late August, it seemed like S’mores and Apple were ready to go home. Unfortunately, the adoption fell through due to the new owner’s work schedules. This has become a common situation for shelters nationwide as people return to work post-pandemic.

“Sadly the adoption for Apple and S’mores fell through because they didn’t feel they could give the kitties enough time with their new work schedule, so they are now back up for adoption,” CAAT Friends shared.

At 10 weeks old, S’mores is growing up, and rescuers were sure she and Apple would find the right home together. Kittens generally adjust better, are happier, and healthier when they go home in pairs or to homes with other cats.

Preventing Tarzan Syndrome

Kittens and even some adult cats kept solitary can develop what’s called Tarzan Syndrome, becoming aggressive to other cats, anxious, and lonely. By bonding with a furry friend, they can learn “how to cat,” developing important social skills.

Thankfully, S’mores found a home where she would have friends to play with. Someone will be very lucky to bring home Apple, Delta, Houdini, and other cute foster kittens.

Unfortunately, there are always more kittens requiring rescue. Thanks to TNR (trap, neuter, release) efforts, rescuers hope for a day when cats and their kittens won’t suffer. You can support their efforts in many ways.

Those in the Pacific Palisades area can find out more about CAAT Friends’ kittens and cats, adoptions, donations, and fostering on Facebook and Instagram. CAAT Friends’ Executive Director Jee Berglund says the rescue started after friends came together to save a group of kittens dumped at a shelter. From there, it grew into a nonprofit organization that helps 500-1000 cats each year.

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