God Says: DON’T TEMPT FATE BY…” | Message from God


My beloved child, in this moment of stillness, as you pause between journeys, know that I am with you. Even if the path ahead seems uncertain—shrouded by the shadows of past hurts and the fog of present confusion—I am the light that guides you forward. You have endured much, your heart burdened by the weight of trials and disappointments. Yet, amidst these challenges, I see the strength and resilience burning within you, an unquenchable flame that refuses to be extinguished.

Now is the time to let that light shine freely. Cast off the burdens of fear and doubt, and fix your eyes upon Me, for I am the source of all that is good, pure, and worthy of praise. When you focus your thoughts on Me, allowing your mind to be filled with the beauty of My presence, everything else will fall into place. This journey is not about striving but about surrendering. Let go of the need to control, to understand, to have all the answers.

Release the guilt and shame that whisper lies into your soul. In Me, there is no condemnation, only love, grace, and a gentle invitation to come and rest in My arms. It may feel risky to release your grip on familiar patterns of thought and step into the unknown realms of the spirit, but trust Me when I say that this is where true life is found. This is where peace dwells, rich and full. This is where you will discover the fullness of who I created you to be.

Take a deep breath, my child, and let it out slowly. Feel the tension draining from your body, the knots of anxiety unraveling in the warmth of My love. Picture yourself turning your face towards the light, letting it wash over you and fill you with its radiance. Know that as you do, I am working all things together for your good.

The road ahead may be winding, but I will be with you every step of the way. I will be the hand that catches you when you stumble, the voice that whispers encouragement when you falter. I will be the rock beneath your feet and the wind at your back, propelling you forward into the glorious destiny I have prepared for you.

You are mine, and I am yours. You are not defined by your past nor by the labels that others have placed upon you. You are defined by My love, by the precious blood that was shed for your sake. In Me, you have everything you need to rise above the challenges and emerge victorious.

Fix your thoughts on Me, my beloved. Let My truth be the anchor that holds you steady in the storms. Let My peace be the compass that guides you through the darkness. Let My love be the fuel that propels you forward into a future filled with hope and purpose.

I am calling you higher, calling you deeper. I am beckoning you into a place of intimacy and abundance where every whispered prayer is heard and every hidden dream is brought to life. I invite you to walk with Me in the fields of grace, to find joy in My presence, and to rest in the stillness of My love. This is your birthright, your inheritance as a child of the king. This is the life that I have always intended for you—a life of freedom and fullness, of passion and purpose, of love that knows no bounds. It is yours for the taking, if only you will trust Me enough to claim it. Come, my child, let Me wrap you in My embrace.

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