The Remarkable Woman Who Successfully Coaxed the Distressed Pregnant Dog from Under the Truck


In a state of considerable fear, yet Bri skillfully gained her trust, persuading her to emerge and safely enter her car. Without delay, Bri transported her to the veterinarian for a thorough examination.

Arriving in a dire condition with visible open wounds, the veterinary team initially suspected pregnancy. However, x-rays later confirmed that she was not expecting. Currently, she is being treated with fluids and antibiotics, with plans to perform another x-ray soon to gain clearer insights. She has sustained lung contusions and is at risk of euthanasia due to potential tears in her intestines. Her blood levels are critically low, necessitating an urgent blood transfusion.

Bri affectionately named her Stella, committing to help her regain her strength and spirit. For perhaps the first time, Stella was provided with a comfortable bed draped with an exceptionally soft blanket.

The goal now is to nurse Stella back to health and distance her from the grim past she escaped. “Oh Stella… you’ve effortlessly endeared yourself to us all. We cherish you immensely.”

Stella now enjoys a beautiful life, adopted by a loving owner, thanks to the compassionate efforts of the iPittytheBull Foundation, who played a pivotal role in her recovery and care.

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