Courageous German Shepherd Rescued on Final Day Seeks Permanent Home Following Recovery and Amputation


When Kiah, the gentle Shepherd, was discovered as a stray on October 4, 2023, her urgent need for aid was immediately apparent. Emaciated and abandoned, she also suffered from a significant fracture in one of her front paws. Despite her hardships, Kiah exhibited a resilient demeanor that endeared her to her rescuers and numerous shelter volunteers throughout Southern California.

A Critical Rescue with No Time Left Kiah found herself on death row at the City of San Bernardino Animal Services, marked for euthanasia merely ten days after her arrival. At just about a year old, she was on the brink of losing her life when, in a turn of fate, Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. stepped in and secured a foster placement for her—just in the nick of time on her scheduled day of euthanasia.

On October 17, Leashes of Love officially brought Kiah into their care. Her path to recovery, however, was just beginning. It took a while for her to regain a healthy weight—now at a robust 40 pounds—and sadly, her damaged leg required amputation.

Adapting remarkably well to her new three-legged life, Kiah is thriving more than ever post-amputation. She has been brought up to date with all her vaccinations and deworming treatments and is now spayed and microchipped, making her completely ready to find her ideal forever home.

Seeking Kiah’s Perfect Companion

Kiah’s perfect adopter will be someone energetic, present, and patient as she adapts to her new surroundings. Her new family should be eager to engage in numerous games of fetch and provide ample mental stimulation for this intelligent, working breed. According to her rescuers’ Facebook update, Kiah loves being stroked and will need someone who enjoys cozy cuddle sessions after playtime.

This bright dog is crate-trained, house-trained, and leash-trained. While she hasn’t been exposed to cats or young children, she interacts well with other confident and playful dogs. Having a dog companion in her forever home could be beneficial for her! Her tripod status certainly makes her stand out, yet it doesn’t diminish her zest for life.

If you’re interested in meeting—and potentially adopting—Kiah, your first step is to complete an adoption application via the Leashes of Love website. They will arrange a meet and greet in Southern California if you’re considered a good fit. Best of luck!

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