Man Who Spent $70,000 on Tattoos Reveals His Pre-Transformation Photos


Quest Gulliford has poured more than $70,000 into tattooing and modifying his body, documenting his transformation with before-and-after photos.

Having battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma in seventh grade, Gulliford turned to tattoos as a form of expression and healing. His journey began with a tattoo that bore the inscription “God First” alongside a purple ribbon for cancer awareness, setting the stage for his ongoing exploration of body art.

Reflecting on his fight against cancer, Gulliford shared with the Daily Mail, “I had a significant lymph node that was growing. It took six months of chemotherapy. After surviving that, I felt almost superhuman.”

Now, Gulliford has amassed a large collection of tattoos and body modifications, attracting over a million followers on TikTok who are captivated by his story. He recently interacted with his fans, explaining his foray into eye tattoos, which he described not as traditional tattoos but more like injections or modifications.

In one of his latest posts, Gulliford uploaded several photos that trace his tattoo journey from 2009 to the present.

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