Missouri Woman Accidentally Hits a Tiny Cat with Her Car, Leading to a Miraculous Rescue


It’s not uncommon to come across a heartwarming animal rescue story online. In my experience, it happens almost daily, and I can’t help but get a bit misty-eyed over the heroic deeds of fellow animal lovers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of good-natured and compassionate folks out there who are more than willing to go above and beyond to save a furry friend in need. As long as they’re around, we’ll keep having these incredible rescue tales that warm our hearts.

Allow me to share one such rescue story, originally featured on The Animal Rescue Site.

Sara’s Brave Rescue

This story is about a courageous woman named Sara from St. Louis, Missouri, who came to the rescue of a cat that had a harrowing encounter with not one, but two cars.

One chilly and rainy morning, Sara was on her way back home to Illinois to visit her family.

She was driving at around 60 mph on a quiet two-lane highway connecting towns when suddenly, a tiny white kitten darted out from under the car right in front of her vehicle.

Sara had no time to react, and unfortunately, she ended up hitting the poor kitty with her car. As she recalled:

“I saw the fear in the kitten’s eyes just before my car straddled her. I felt sick, but to make matters worse, there was yet another car immediately behind me that also passed over the kitten.”

Without hesitation, Sara pulled over to the side of the road. In her rearview mirror, she could see the white cat lying still in the middle of the road.

Uncertain whether it was her car or the one behind her that had injured the kitten, she decided to go and investigate.

A Miraculous Turn of Events

After confirming the road was clear, Sara got out of her car and rushed to check on the little cat. She noticed the cat was heavily bleeding from the top of her head and remained motionless.

Given the grim circumstances, Sara initially thought she would stay with the kitty as a sign of respect until she passed away.

However, something truly miraculous happened. The cat slowly got up and started stumbling around, showing signs of life!

Sara couldn’t simply leave the cat there on the road. She made the compassionate choice to help her.

She wrapped the injured cat in her fleece jacket and drove her to a veterinarian in her hometown, who also happened to be a family friend. The 40-minute drive was tense and nerve-wracking.

A Hopeful Prognosis

According to Sara, the vet wasn’t as optimistic as she had hoped. She recounted:

“The vet treated her and gave odds of a 50/50 chance of survival: she had a fractured skull and was dehydrated with near hypothermia.”

Sara held onto hope and promised if the cat survived, she would adopt her and give her the name Noelle!

Thankfully, the cat made a full recovery with no lasting neurological issues. True to her word, Sara welcomed the cat into her home, becoming not only Noelle’s savior but also her loving cat mom.

Noelle’s Happy Ending

Today, Noelle is a happy and healthy kitty who wisely avoids fast cars and busy roads.

This heartwarming story of resilience and compassion reminds us of the extraordinary kindness that exists in the world and, hopefully, urges us to be vigilant when driving.

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