Dog Couldn’t Stop Crying As They Rescued Her Only To Later Find Out She Was Breastfeeding


Sadly, there are more and more stories about poor dogs that have suffered some sad fate. Some were abandoned, some abused, while some mysteriously found themselves on the street in a desperate state.

One woman was passing by a ditch when she suddenly heard loud cries coming from that area. She was already shocked by the heartbreaking noise, but her heart truly broke when she saw where it was coming from.

A poor furry thing lay helplessly in the canal without anyone knowing what had happened to her. The girl who found her there immediately called the rescuer, who quickly came to the place for help.

Heartbreaking State

When the big-hearted rescuer saw the poor dog and heard her cries, she just stood for a few moments in place as her heart was completely broken. However, since she didn’t have much time to lose, this woman quickly pulled herself together and went into action.

She immediately tried to approach her but did not succeed because the agitated dog reacted aggressively. Although it was obvious that the dog was glad that someone wanted to save her, something much deeper was bothering her.

At that moment, the rescuer didn’t know what it was, but she was aware that the dog needed help quickly, so she called a colleague to help her. Since they could not grab her by the leash that was firmly cut into her neck, they used a mat instead.

After they finally transferred her to the car, the dog was able to calm down at least a bit. When they came to the veterinary clinic, they put her in a muzzle for the doctors’ safety.

The veterinary team was finally able to examine her, and what the X-rays revealed was truly shocking. This poor dog had a fractured leg and pelvis, so it was not a surprise that she was in such agony out there.

However, that was not the only pain this dog felt. Much bigger was the one on her soul. The rescuers understood what kind of pain that was when they saw that this dog was breastfeeding.

Three Little Souls

The woman who saved Blanca, as they named the dog, was already on her way back to the place where the dog was found. She hoped that she would quickly locate the little ones.

This woman didn’t have a clue where to search when she got to that place, but fortunately, a group of farmers who had already seen the dogs showed her the potential location of the babies. According to them, they were hiding among the multitude of cacti that grew in that area.

After a long search, this woman started crying like a baby when she saw a tiny head peeking out from behind the bars that surrounded the cacti. It was one of Blanca’s puppies.

This big-hearted rescuer quickly pulled the puppy out of there, put him in her arms, and showered him with a lot of kisses. The little one immediately felt better as he knew that he was finally safe.

After she brought the first puppy to safety, the rescuer continued her search for the other ones. She soon heard the tiny cries from the bushes and when she took a closer look, she saw the two remaining little ones. Finally, all the babies were in safe hands.

While the puppies were on their way home, the mother dog was undergoing surgery where the doctors used splints to immobilize her pelvis and leg.

It was not at all easy for her to endure all this, but when she saw her babies again, all her pain was suddenly gone.

Happier Than Ever

After the emotional meeting between the mother and her children, everything was crystal clear to this woman.

She now knew why the mother dog was so against the idea of leaving the place where she was lying when they found her, despite her pain. The lives of her lost children were the most important thing to her, and that was the only real pain she felt.

However, these people still didn’t know what happened to Blanca in the first place. The doctor’s theory was that an accident caused her to roll into the ditch, but it was not yet clear to them where the owner had disappeared, given that Blanca had a leash around her neck.

Nevertheless, the most important thing was that she was finally safe and reunited with her babies. Every day, Blanca was smiling more and more, and her savior could finally see all the splendor of her incredible personality.

When she saw her for the first time, Blanca couldn’t stop crying. Now, she couldn’t stop smiling and enjoying life as those she loved the most were close to her again. She was happier than ever.

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