This Cat’s ‘Zoned Out’ Moments Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


Cats, those little bundles of fur, aren’t just adorable; they’re also incredibly entertaining! Sometimes, their behavior is so quirky that it leaves us in stitches.

Take, for instance, Dobby, the Siamese kitty with a knack for creating online hilarity. Dobby’s owner shared a video that had everyone rolling with laughter.

In the video, you’ll witness Dobby’s peculiar facial expressions set to the catchy backdrop of “I took the drugs, and the drugs are working…” And everyone can’t help but think one thing: Dobby took something! The owner playfully captioned the video, “They’re definitely working.”

Now, if you watch the video on TikTok, you’ll notice it’s a delightful compilation of Dobby’s “zoned out” moments, with folks in the comments joking that the cat must have had a wild party.

But fear not! Dobby’s owner assures us that there’s no funny business involved; it’s all in the name of feline relaxation.

“Dobby actually hadn’t taken anything before any of these clips. When I stroke her nose, she often opens her mouth and stays like that for a while and then eventually yawns, so I always get my phone out to record her because she looks so silly.”

“These faces are usually just made when she is in a relaxed state and ‘zoned out,’ but in actual fact, she doesn’t really react to catnip. But it’s always fun to use these kinds of captions and sounds because most people would assume catnip is the cause when seeing her zoned out with her teeth showing.”

If you’re in the mood for more of Dobby’s comical expressions, be sure to check out her TikTok profile. Her owner shares:

“Dobby has always had a crazy personality and quickly became popular, due to her permanent ‘airplane ears’ and silly faces.”

But Why Do Cats Make These Weird Faces?

Now, you might wonder why cats like Dobby make these amusing faces. Well, it’s called the “flehmen response,” and it’s more common than you might think.

Imagine your cat “smiling” with an open mouth and squinted eyes. That’s the “flehmen response.” It’s a way for cats to fully process certain scents, like when Dobby’s owner touches her nose.

This allows the cat to fully comprehend certain stimuli. It is usually some kind of odor that interests your cat at the moment.

Basically, she pauses and the face she makes, aka “the flehmen response,” lets her comprehend the information carried through the scent she just came into contact with.

So, next time you catch your furry friend wearing a big grin, rest assured it’s just their natural way of taking in the world around them. And if it brings a smile to your face, well, that’s just an added bonus.

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