Florida Meteorologist Announces Landfall of Fluffy Purricane ‘Dipper’ the Kitten


A Tampa-area Chief Meteorologist, Denis Phillips, doesn’t get much sleep during hurricane season. He is the only person the Cole and Marmalade family trust when the season hits too. It’s the only one we worry about more than kitten season! However, then he announced some very unusual weather that we’re happy to hear about. Just as Sahara dust is about to arrive to make it hazy in the Sunshine State, a very rare ‘Dipper’ has made an appearance!

Weather Calls for Dangerously Cute Dipper

Phillips’s latest forecast followed a “record-breaking stretch of June/July hurricane development.” But when the sun came back out, there was a “lengthy stretch of quiet weather” for a change.

Just when everything looked calm, that’s when Dipper arrived! The arrival of a Lil’ Dipper such as this means a welcome flurry of cuteness and joy for any family. Especially for one of his six smiling kids, Ryan!

“Say hello to the newest member of the Phillips family! “Dipper” Thanks to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay for making it so easy!” shared Phillips.

Ryan holds the kitten in front of the Humane Society. Images via Instagram

Dipper’s name suggests he’s more of an astrological event than a weather phenomenon, full of fun-loving inspiration if he’s a Gemini kitty. But, is there a Big Dipper at home to pair with this Little one?

Others said the arrival heralded a Category 1 Purricane (see below)!

A Win for ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’

Online, folks were thrilled that the family adopted from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

“Awwww congratulations. Adoption is always the responsible path to getting a new pet,” said Tanya Y.

“Thank YOU for engaging in “Adopt DON’T SHOP!!” said Karen A.

“Congratulations!! Orange males are SUCH INCREDIBLE LOVE!! Many happy memories together!” said Keri S.

“Looks like a Category 1 Purricane to me! Congratulations!” said Stephen L.

You can see more pups, kitties, rabbits and pocket pets for adoption on the Humane Society Tampa Bay website. Follow on Facebook and Instagram. There’s always a non-stop flurry of animals needing homes in the Sunshine State and at shelters and rescues nationwide.

Florida Purricanes

It’s not the first time that kittens have taken over the meteorologist’s page.

“Apparently, somehow “Hurricane Cat Memes” are taking over my page. I have no idea how it happened. I am powerless to stop it. My apologies in advance,” he shared six years back.

In 2019, the Humane Society of Pinellas County named a trio of newborn chihuahua puppies after three weathermen — Denis Phillips, Jim Cantore, and Al Roker! They arrived at the shelter during Hurricane Dorian.

Denis the puppy was quickly adopted that week!

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