Florida Woman Rescues a Sick Kitten and Helps Him Beat the Odds to Survive


Did you know that approximately 3.4 million cats and kittens enter shelters nationwide every year?

Sadly, not all of them find their forever homes. According to statistics from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, only 1.3 million cats are fortunate enough to get adopted, while the rest simply don’t make it.

However, let me introduce you to a lucky, tiny kitten who beat the odds in this heartwarming story.

A Call for Help

It all began on an ordinary working day when Andrea Christian, a foster volunteer at St. Francis Rescue in Tampa, Florida, received a call about a tiny kitten. Despite already having a house full of foster cats and kittens, she couldn’t say no, especially because nobody else was willing to take him in.

With open arms, she welcomed a tiny, 3-week-old kitten and named him Karl. Unfortunately, Karl was in terrible shape, desperately needing help.

A Struggle to Survive

The kitten seemed to be struggling with breathing issues. Andrea noticed dirt in his fur and suspected he had been submerged in water for too long, possibly aspirating. Karl was in such a dire condition that Andrea feared he might not make it.

Together, they decided to fight despite all odds. Andrea immediately got an oxygen machine from her colleague and set up a homemade oxygen incubator for Karl.

Initially, she had to drip-feed him, drop by drop, because he couldn’t breathe with his mouth closed. Poor Karl would scream and cry out for help every day, especially when Andrea came to care for him.

A Tiny Fighter

It was obvious that he wanted to fight and live, and he wanted everyone to know it, too. Andrea recalled those heart-wrenching moments:

“Despite his pneumonia, Karl was such a tiny fighter. Thank goodness he was a tiny screamer as well. I feel like him screaming at me to tell me about his disinterest in me not being his momma is what helped clear his lungs.”

After just one week of dedicated care, Karl showed remarkable improvement. He was finally strong enough to be bottle-fed, and his appetite improved as well. Once he began eating normally, Andrea felt a sense of relief, knowing he’d be okay.

A New Beginning

A few weeks later, Karl was a completely different kitten. His true personality began to shine through, and he gained enough strength and confidence to explore his surroundings. He no longer screamed, but he wasn’t shy about asking for food or any other essentials he needed. He was always ready to express his opinions and desires. Andrea couldn’t have been prouder of how quickly Karl progressed:

“He has realized there is fun to be outside his oxygen bin with beings other than the foster mom.”

Karl proved himself a fighter, never giving up, not even once. He got back on his paws and transformed into a playful kitten, befriending other resident cats and learning a lot from them. Andrea added:

“He loves to run and play, always comes back to check on me to make sure I am near. He is obsessed with ball toys and the crinkle tube. He is forever wrestling with whatever stuffy I have in there with him.”

A Happy Ending

The sweetest part of the story is that Karl knew Andrea was the one who saved his life and gave him the chance to live. He became her loyal shadow, following her everywhere.

When Karl was finally ready for adoption, no one was interested, and that broke Andrea’s heart. But, as they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

And it was exactly like that! Karl, along with his furry buddy Derek, eventually found their forever home in Florida. They now live a happy life with their loving human and have each other for playtime and cuddles whenever they desire.

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