Here’s How Amber Rachdi Managed to Lose Over 260 Pounds on “My 600-lb Life”


When Amber Rachdi weighed around 660 pounds and her life was in jeopardy, she made her public debut on the program “My 600-lb Life.” Fortunately, she was able to regain her health and shed a significant amount of weight.

Everyone is aware of how challenging it is to maintain a healthy diet. Compared to fast food, healthy cooking can be expensive and time-consuming. However, it is crucial to recognize that frequently consuming fast food is undeniably harmful to the body.

Many individuals with inspiring stories show us that lifestyle changes are possible to achieve ideal weight and optimal health.

Amber Rachdi’s Struggle and Triumph

One such example is Amber Rachdi, who weighed over 660 pounds five years ago, putting her life at significant risk. Fortunately, she found the motivation and determination to exercise and eat healthily.

Amber has struggled with her weight since childhood, and at just five years old, she already weighed 160 pounds. As a teenager, her problems worsened due to anxiety, which led her to find “comfort” in food. She consumed sweets and large quantities of food daily, and by the age of 16, she was immobile and required a wheelchair. By 23, daily activities had become impossible for her.

Amber said she tried to lose weight, but despite her lack of desire to eat, she couldn’t stop. She felt trapped, especially when doctors told her she might not live past 30. Fortunately, Amber realized it was time for a change before it was too late.

A Life-Changing Decision

Amber decided to appear on the show “My 600-lb Life,” but traveling by plane was challenging because she couldn’t fit into the row of seats. This experience led her to meet Dr. Nowzaradan, who would change her life.

Amber had to undergo gastric bypass surgery, but first, she needed to lose some weight. Her family decided to move to Houston to avoid flying, marking the beginning of Amber’s journey to a new life.

She started eating healthy meals, such as chicken and vegetables, and began going to the gym, though walking was initially very difficult for her.

The Road to Recovery

After three months of hard work, Dr. Nowzaradan performed the gastric bypass surgery on Amber. The operation was a success, and Amber’s stomach was reduced to the size of a baseball.

Following the surgery, Amber experienced anxiety again and decided to see a psychologist for help. She was unstoppable in her determination to change!

In one year, Amber managed to lose 267 pounds and no longer relied on a wheelchair or anyone else for mobility. She continued living in Houston with her boyfriend, Rowdy, and expressed her happiness in regaining control of her life.

Dr. Nowzaradan later performed surgery to remove her excess skin. Now, Amber looks fantastic and is very happy.

If you want to learn more about Amber’s life, you can follow her on her Instagram account, where she posts frequently.

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