Caring Hero Rescued Three Tiny Kittens Struggling With Health Problems That Affect Their Growth


Grace Choi, the founder of The Happy Kitty Rescue in Los Angeles, California, has an intimate understanding of the tough challenges faced by stray and abandoned cats.

One day, a nearby shelter reached out to her, seeking a loving and nurturing foster home for three adorable kittens who were in dire need of assistance.

Rescuing the Kittens

The three little kittens – two calico sisters and a brother with a tuxedo coat – were just 2 weeks old when they arrived at the shelter. They were in poor condition, covered in feces, extremely fatigued, and barely clinging to life.

Determined to make a difference, Grace swiftly brought the kittens home, ready to provide the special care they required to recover.

A Surprising Discovery

Upon closer examination, Grace made a surprising discovery. Although the shelter had estimated their age at 2 weeks, the presence of premolars indicated they were closer to 5 weeks old.

Tiny Kittens with Big Health Issues

Despite their older age, these kittens were unusually tiny, weighing only as much as healthy 2-week-old kittens should. This suggested underlying health problems affecting their growth. Grace’s first step was to give them a thorough bath to remove the accumulated waste.

Once clean and comfortable, they were taken to the vet for a comprehensive check-up. Fortunately, there were no severe health issues, but the vet recommended probiotics to address their ongoing diarrhea.

Naming the Kittens

Grace named them Matcha, Boba, and Strawberry. Despite their health challenges, their unique personalities soon began to shine.

Emerging Personalities

Matcha, the most vocal of the trio, loved being held and cuddled. Boba was quieter and more reserved, while Strawberry was full of energy, delighting in playful battles with her siblings.

Forming Bonds

Matcha soon became best friends with another foster kitten named Pumpkin, forming a bond that would significantly impact their lives.

Finding Forever Homes

Once the kittens were healthier, it was time to find them loving forever homes. Matcha and Pumpkin, already best friends, were adopted together, allowing them to continue their companionship. Boba and Strawberry, inseparable and hating to be apart, were also adopted together by a family who cherished their strong bond.

A Heartwarming Ending

It’s incredibly heartwarming to witness these tiny kittens overcome the odds and start anew with Grace’s help and the foster program. Finding forever homes together is the cherry on top, showcasing the resilience and love these little creatures have to offer.

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