A Beautiful, 6-Legged Pup Was Cruelly Abandoned in a Car Park Just Because She Was a Little Different


All canines deserve to live a life full of unconditional love and happiness.

Unfortunately, every day, we are reminded that countless dogs around the world, particularly older dogs and those with disabilities, are deprived of the opportunity to live the fulfilling lives they deserve. Not only are they overlooked when it comes to being adopted, but they are also often at risk of being euthanized.

A Little Bit Different

Source: Greenacres Rescue

Luckily, the pup in today’s story managed to escape such a destiny, thanks to loving humans who saw her for who she truly was.

Taking to their Facebook page, Greenacres Rescue informed their followers about the heartbreaking rescue of a beautiful female spaniel pup who came into their care after being found abandoned at a car park.

“She has been born with six legs and various other anomalies,” the rescue wrote in the post.

Source: Greenacres Rescue

Not knowing anything about her previous life, the rescue decided to take her to the vet and start a diagnosis and a treatment plan for the pup with the hopes of giving her a normal life.

Named Arie, Mikey Lawlor from Greenacres Rescue said in an interview with the Western Telegraph that they gave her that name because somebody pointed out that she looked like a mermaid.

Source: Greenacres Rescue

When her test results came back, the staff was relieved to find out that she was one healthy and happy pup and the deformities on her legs could be surgically removed.

“Ariel has two additional back legs and the beginnings of an additional vulva. Her pelvis hasn’t formed properly due to the extra hip joint. The plan will be to let her settle after her ordeal and reassess her in one month with the aim of removing the additional limbs and explore the function of her remaining leg,” the shelter wrote.

Source: Greenacres Rescue

New Chapter
After allowing her some time to relax and decompress, she did a lot of vet visits, scans, and specialist referrals so that her humans knew exactly what to do. A couple of months later, Ariel was prepared for surgery.

Source: Greenacres Rescue

The surgery was a success.

“She’s doing really well, she’s bounced back and she’s a happy little dog and we’re hoping she’s going to go on to lead a fabulous little life,” the surgeon who operated on the pup, Aaron Lutchman, told BBC.

Source: Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford Vets University of Bristol

Lawlor also stated that by the very next day, Ariel was up on her paws, exploring her surroundings. She was taken in by loving foster parents who made sure that her recovery journey went as smoothly as possible.

It came as no surprise when, in a matter of months, Ariel made a full recovery, making her more than ready to start a new chapter in her life – finding a family.

Source: Small Animal Referral Hospital Langford Vets University of Bristol

Forever Home
Since she became a worldwide star, her shelter has been overflowing with adoption applications. However, one stood out the most.

A family that had recently lost their beloved pup was looking for a furry friend to help them fill the void in their hearts, and Ariel was the one!

“Ariel is already loved by so many and has been on quite a journey. Raised by a special lady called June, who has worked wonders in her care for her, Ariel is a beautiful, vibrant and gentle soul who is already bringing so much joy in our lives,” Emma-Mary Webster wrote in a Facebook post.

Source: Emma-Mary Webster

Ariel’s journey is one of those stories that help you restore faith in humanity.

So many humans came together to help this beautiful girl not only overcome her disability but also provide her with a life worth living.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in transforming this once discarded pup into a beloved pet,” the Greenacres Rescue concluded.

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