Unresponsive 1-Pound Sick Puppy Brought To Shelter Now Beats All The Odds


It’s the giant-hearted people who work tirelessly, night and day, who take credit for saving thousands of dogs’ lives in every corner of the world. Thanks to their selfless efforts, many of these four-legged furry creatures get a fighting chance.

Driven by their love of animals, their primary goal is to create the possibility for dogs in need to have a normal family life. No matter what, they don’t take no for an answer.

One of these incredible teams is Austin Pets Alive in Texas, who has been saving canines since 1997.

Saved At The Last Minute

This poor pup, weighing only one pound, definitely hadn’t had a nice start in life. She had all the odds stacked against her when rescuers brought her to one of the local Texas shelters.

Brynlee was unresponsive and almost on the edge of the inevitable. She had extremely low blood sugar levels. On top of all that, her body temperature was so low that the vet team couldn’t even register it.

Then, during the extensive vet exam, the team discovered that she had been suffering from canine parvovirus.

It was one of the worst outcomes that could happen, as this vicious virus is often fatal for dogs with compromised immune systems. And, at only one pound of weight, Brynlee wasn’t very far off.

Known for its intense symptoms, parvo mostly manifests as lethargic behavior, an inability to eat properly, abdominal issues, and low body temperature.

Brynlee’s condition was quite serious, and she was only moments away from the worst scenario, but this little girl wasn’t inclined to give up!

The Road To Recovery

Incapable of providing Brynlee with proper medication and treatment, the local shelter contacted the APA team, which had been handling cases like this for years.

After being transferred to their facility, the pup received a much-needed blood transfusion and 24/7 care. The team made sure to provide Brynlee with everything she needed and beyond. In just a few days, she started to feel much better!

In such a short amount of time, this resilient girl started to eat and even play, showing her true colors!

She’s made an incredible recovery, beating all the odds and showing the world how strong she actually is!

Everyone was over the moon to see this sweet girl finally on her feet, especially due to the fact that now she was finally able to go to a foster family. Brynlee got a wonderful temporary home and humans to keep taking care of her.

She’s already gained some weight and is on her way to fully recovering. When the time comes, Brynlee will be looking for her forever home!

Looking Ahead

In the meantime, the giant-hearted APA team will keep doing good deeds on a daily basis! Happy to see Brynlee thriving, they look forward to saving many more dogs in need and living up to their vision emphasized on their official website: “That every shelter animal, in Central Texas and beyond, gets a true chance at the life they deserve!”

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