This Kind Man Brought Home A Stray Cat Only To Discover Something Adorable


When I first heard this heartwarming story, I suspected that this adorable stray cat had a hidden agenda all along, and let me tell you why!

Michael and Tree Kitty

Michael Evans, a security guard from Florida, spent many nights patrolling the grounds. His night shifts became much more interesting once a group of stray cats started following him around. He often stopped to pet them and took them along while he drove around. However, one cat in particular had her heart set on Michael.

Her name was Tree Kitty, and this beautiful feline would follow Michael around whenever he was on duty. A real cuddle bug, Tree Kitty quickly won Michael’s heart. As he said in his video: “Something about this cat just makes me happy.”

Bringing Tree Kitty Home

Michael decided to bring Tree Kitty home and officially adopt her. His wife Alexandra managed a private animal sanctuary, and Tree Kitty gained the biggest furry family she could imagine.

Once Tree Kitty got comfortable around the house, she spent most of her time napping. Alexandra noticed their cats, Brandy and Ripper, constantly sniffing Tree Kitty, as if something was wrong.

A Surprise at the Vet

Concerned, Michael and Alexandra rushed Tree Kitty to the vet, worried she might be sick. However, the vet performed an ultrasound and discovered tiny paws in her stomach—Tree Kitty was pregnant with three kittens! As Michael recalls in the video: “The first thought was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re gonna have to find homes for all these kittens!’”

Despite the news, Tree Kitty was purring contentedly, seemingly aware that she had found her forever home just in time.

Welcoming the Kittens

Alexandra was determined to help Tree Kitty. She carefully monitored her, ready to welcome the babies into the world. One day, while Alexandra was in the kitchen, Tree Kitty began calling for help, hiding in a corner. Alexandra realized it was time, and the kittens were on their way.

She set up a nursery for Tree Kitty, and soon enough, the first kitten joined the family. However, Tree Kitty had another surprise in store. Although the vet counted only three kittens, Tree Kitty gave birth to five! Her cat siblings, Brandy and Ripper, visited mama cat and her babies almost every day.

Helping Tree Kitty

Alexandra noticed that Tree Kitty had no stimulation while nursing the babies, so she came up with a genius idea. She placed an iPad in front of Tree Kitty with bird videos, creating a private little suite for her. Tree Kitty spent hours watching bird videos while peacefully nursing her babies.

Meanwhile, Michael and Alexandra searched for perfect forever homes for the kittens. Shortly after, four kittens went to their new families, but one tiny fluffball, Willow, stole Alexandra’s heart.

A Happy Ending

The couple decided to keep Tree Kitty and her kitten Willow. As Michael said: “This was meant to be!”

Today, mama cat and her baby Willow enjoy their life with Michael and Alexandra, surrounded by many furry siblings. The love they share is truly heartwarming!

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