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Heidi Klum, the iconic supermodel and television personality, recently celebrated a significant milestone in her family’s life by sharing photographs from her son Henry’s high school graduation. While the videos captured the essence of the celebration, fans and followers were quick to zoom in on one particular detail that sparked a lively conversation online.

In the first video, Henry, dressed in his graduation gown and cap, confidently walks across the stage to receive his diploma. The assembly hall erupts in cheers, led by Klum herself, as Henry poses for a photo before walking offstage, beaming as his mom shouts, “Yes Henry — woohoo!” Klum’s joy is palpable, and it doesn’t stop there. In another clip, Henry exits the hall with his fellow graduates, passing by his mother once again as she enthusiastically cheers, “Yay Henry!” To which Henry responds with a heartfelt, “Thank you!”

Faye Sadou/Associated Press/East News

The celebration continued in the audience, where a smiling Klum sat next to her husband Tom Kaulitz, who had his arm wrapped around her. Klum’s happiness was infectious as she documented the eventful day on her Instagram Stories. One clip showed her beaming in the car on the way to the graduation, with an animated caption that read, “Happy Graduation,” featuring an illustrated graduation cap adorned with sparkles. Another video showed her and Kaulitz in the audience, soaking in the proud moment.

After the ceremony, the festivities carried on with a celebratory dinner. Klum posted a photo from the dinner, which included her husband, Henry, and what appeared to be her other children, Johan and Lou, whom she shares with her ex-husband Seal, along with daughter Leni and friends gathered around a table. “Celebrating HENRY ❤️🥰🎉,” she captioned the joyful photo.

The series of photos and videos garnered wide attention from fans, who filled her comment sections with admiration. One thing they couldn’t overlook was the striking similarity between Henry and his father. “He looks like his Dad,” noted one user. Other comments echoed this sentiment, with remarks like “Gorgeous as his father,” and “Looks like Seal… Same smile,” highlighting the father-son resemblance.

Heidi Klum’s heartfelt celebration of her son Henry’s graduation became a memorable event, not just for her family but also for her fans. From the joyous moments captured in videos to the emotional cheers and family gatherings, Klum shared an intimate glimpse into a significant milestone.

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