Great Dane Who Was Skin and Bones Dumped Because Kids Won’t Feed Him


Rocky Kanaka, known for rescuing dogs, was deeply moved this time. When he saw the condition of this Great Dane, Rocky was shaken to the core. The dog, such a large breed, was shockingly underweight.

Scooby was a walking disaster, thanks to his previous owners. He was repeatedly sent back and forth to the shelter, eventually rejected by his family because the children didn’t want to feed him. This left deep scars on Scooby, both physically and emotionally.

Could Scooby return to his former glory?
Will Rocky succeed in gaining his trust again?

The Skin-and-Bone Scooby Doo Look-Alike

![photo of great dane lying](Source: Rocky Kanaka)

Great Danes… such majestic dogs!

Out of the 200 registered dog breeds, Great Danes are giants, but in a good way. They’re large dogs with robust figures and even larger hearts. Initially, their size might seem intimidating, but they are among the kindest breeds.

That’s exactly how Scooby is.

This poor Great Dane was abandoned by his previous owners because the kids wouldn’t feed him. Expecting children to take on such a crucial responsibility is unrealistic.

When Scooby’s former owner gave him up, she likely had other priorities. You don’t just abandon a dog because someone won’t feed him; you take responsibility.

Scooby had already been surrendered once at a night drop-off and then taken back home. The next time, his family turned to the shelter for help because they were moving from California to another country and couldn’t bring Scooby with them.

No excuse justifies the way Scooby looked.

![malnourished great dane](Source: Rocky Kanaka)
Scooby wasn’t supposed to look like this… a walking skeleton. No Great Dane should look the way Scooby did.

Rocky heard rumors that Scooby’s mom threatened to surrender him if the kids didn’t feed him. Whether these rumors are true or not, it seems plausible. Feeding a Great Dane is a significant task requiring high-quality food, and perhaps money was an issue. Raising a Great Dane might have been more than they could handle.

Moreover, Scooby had a history of stomach issues, according to medical records.

Rocky prefers not to dwell on the past. The past is behind, and now the focus is on helping Scooby get back on track.

Sitting with Scooby

![man sitting next to a great dane](Source: Rocky Kanaka)

Rocky has an excellent approach to resocializing rescue dogs. He sits down with them, helping them feel relaxed, comfortable, and wanted. Rocky has a strategy that works every time.

When he approached Scooby, the dog was already somewhat relaxed, but that wasn’t a cue to rush things. Rocky takes things slowly, letting the dog sniff him and offering treats as a gesture of goodwill.

Being the good boy he is, Scooby quickly accepted Rocky, his treats, praises, and rubs. This method reduces the pressure on the dogs and prevents them from feeling uncomfortable.

Scooby had plenty of time to adjust to Rocky’s presence.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Scooby, whatever you’ve been through, you don’t deserve it,” Rocky repeated in the video while giving Scooby cuddles and treats. “We’re gonna fill your belly, and we’re gonna fill your heart.”

During the ultimate trust test, the scoop, Rocky felt all of Scooby’s bones protruding. Scooby’s spine and ribs were visible. He was nothing like the usual Great Dane.

Rocky’s further examination suggested that Scooby was likely a Great Dane mix, probably with some Mountain Cur or Ridgeback blood.

It was heartbreaking because beneath that skin and bones was a beautiful dog with lovely coloring. Scooby needed just a bit of love and affection to thrive.

And Rocky ensured he received all of it and more.

Scooby’s Bright Future

![man and great dane](Source: Rocky Kanaka)

Named after the beloved cartoon character Scooby Doo, this Scoob has a bright future ahead.

Thanks to Rocky, this big dog will have sponsors donating food for a whole year. A big dog like Scooby needs plenty of food and loves munching on Scooby snacks.

In a short period, Scooby transformed into a new dog. The positive change was evident. He’s rapidly gaining weight, and his health is closely monitored, showing no major concerns.

The biggest change, however, is in Scooby’s behavior. Unlike before, Scooby now wags his tail enthusiastically when he sees Rocky. He’s super happy to see a familiar face and excited to show how well he’s doing.

After spending some time at the shelter, receiving attention and care from the staff, Rocky, and many kind people, Scooby was ready for adoption.

At the time of Rocky’s update video, Scooby was waiting to meet potential adopters. Let’s hope this sweet and troubled soul finally finds the loving home he deserves, whether in California or elsewhere.

Let’s pray Scooby finally finds his Shaggy.

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