Carpenter Spoils Cat That Spent Years in a Shelter with Her Own Cute ‘Kitty Apartment’


One of the best parts of adopting a rescued cat (or two!) is surely knowing that you’ve saved a life. Offering them simple basics like food, water, and shelter goes without saying. But given all they’ve been through, don’t they deserve to be pampered and spoiled, too? And if you have the imagination and skills, you can be really creative! Take, for example, the lengths that a carpenter went to design a ‘Kitty Apartment’ for a rescued kitten, Wolfie!

Carpenter Builds a Kitty Apartment

For over 13 years, Charlee has been a DIY and carpentry expert, taking her expertise all over the country. After a move to the Northeast, the family adopted Wolfie, a cat who had sadly remained in a shelter for most of her two-year life!

![Wolfie](Images via Facebook/Build and Create Home)

During renovations on a modest basement jokingly described as ‘Asylum chic,’ Charlee wanted to design Wolfie her own space. After all, she deserved it! Not to mention, it would be lots of fun to create a dollhouse-like space at the feline scale.

“I’m going to turn this area under the stairs into her own little room where she can relax and escape the kids and the puppy,” Charlee said.

As we know, you don’t need lots of room or money to enrich a cat’s life. In this case, the Kitty Room is an otherwise unused space under the stairs. But wait till you see the tiny room makeover!

While Mom went on a trip, Wolfie seemed to be waiting impatiently for her to finish her apartment at home!

‘My Cat is Spoiled. She Deserves It.’

Setting out to build the Kitty Apartment, Charlee knew some folks might have questions. Not us! We absolutely love that she did this for her sweet rescue. And considering the many homes we’ve seen designed with cats in mind, this one is more than reasonable in every way! We also love how achievable this could be for everyone who has a similar nook in their home.

“Sure, I might be a little crazy for designing and building an entire condo under the stairs for my cat,” she said. “It will be complete with a kitchen, living area, and a bathroom.”

To justify the Kitty Apartment, she pointed out that Wolfie was so deserving.

“But in my defense, she lived in a no-kill shelter for over two years before I adopted her a couple of months ago. So, I feel like she deserves a little pampering.”

Besides pampering Wolfie, building a dollhouse-like environment was just fun! Yet it started with very humble beginnings, just an ordinary space under the stairs.

Creating a Meowgical Kitty Apartment

Before starting, the carpenter used her woodworking skills to install a wall and baseboard. Then, Charlee used practical peel-and-stick tiles. The waterproof surfaces help with keeping the area clean, as the bathroom area is where Wolfie’s litterbox goes. It’s all pretty in pink.

As you can see, Wolfie even has some privacy with a tiny curtain.

Later, Charlee securely installed a decorative custom shelf on the wall. It’s also practical since it holds Wolfie’s ‘toiletries’ and vitamins. But mainly, it’s cute! There’s also a cat-safe plant in a pot for a homey touch.

Before construction inside the apartment began, Mom painted the walls outside blue, knowing it’s a color that cats can see. Indeed, cats see greens and blues, but unlike dogs, they can see muted shades of other colors, too! Thus, Wolfie might see that pretty pink, although not as brightly as we see it.

Topping off the adorable space, Charlee hung framed cat art in ornate frames. Satisfied with her handiwork, it was time to introduce Wolfie to the space. Within minutes, she felt right at home and fully endorsed the pink litter box!

And so, without much expense, Wolfie gets pampered daily and knows her family loves her very much – priceless! Have you created a similar space for your cats? Show us in the comments!

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See the video from Facebook below:

[Video by Build and Create Home]

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