After Years Of Abuse, This Disabled Cat Finally Finds Love And Becomes Internet Sensation


In today’s world, many express sympathy for disabled and abandoned animals, but few take actionable steps to make a difference. That’s why Rexie, an incredible kitty, stands out as a beacon of hope in a sometimes harsh world.

Meet Rexie, a cat who proves that one can overcome adversity and emerge strong.

Rexie is an Instagram-famous cat, but his journey hasn’t been easy. As a kitten, he suffered mistreatment from a heartless family, resulting in paralysis from a broken backbone.

However, fortune finally smiled upon him when he was adopted by a loving and caring family who did their utmost to give him a good life, especially after all he had endured.

Although Rexie still lacks control over his hind legs, his disability doesn’t define him. He has a lively and enthusiastic personality, evident from his hilariously cute photos that have made him a viral sensation on Instagram.

Rexie is living proof that the only real disability is a bad attitude.

Nothing seems to stop this adorable cat anymore, and we couldn’t be happier for him. If you want to see more endearing pictures of this supermeowdel, keep scrolling or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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