Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave The Doorstep Of Her Old Home, Hoping Her Owners Would Take Her Back


Before delving into the actual story, I must emphasize the incredible work done by dog rescue groups. Their existence highlights the best of humanity and demonstrates what we can achieve when we unite our efforts to help those in need. These rescuers are truly remarkable individuals, and this story features those who tirelessly worked to save a dog abandoned by her owners.

She Was So Frightened

Source: The Dodo

Upon discovering the dog, the compassionate rescuers attempted to guide her away from the harsh streets. However, she was terrified of human interaction and fled from them. Undeterred, the rescuers persisted in following her, but it was challenging. She frequently circled the neighborhood before returning to the house where her owners once lived, hoping they would let her in, unaware that it wouldn’t happen.

When the rescuers’ efforts were noticed, a few neighbors joined in to assist Jo and the team in capturing the dog.

Source: The Dodo

Through their combined efforts, they managed to corner her in a small alley where escape was impossible. It was then that they could finally help her. A rescuer approached her and gently wrapped a blanket around her, noticing that she remained calm and didn’t flee or growl. She was surprisingly quiet and almost relaxed when they took her to the car.

Following the successful rescue, she was taken to a veterinary clinic for a thorough checkup, which was crucial after her time on the streets.

An Interesting Twist

Source: The Dodo

She received all the necessary treatments, including deworming, de-fleaing, and a warm bath to help her relax. The sweet dog was then placed in a small kennel with a cozy blanket where she slept for the rest of the day. After enduring so much on the streets, she was finally in good hands. Despite this, she remained a bit timid around people, and it was time to address that.

In the first few days, Jo noticed she was gradually getting accustomed to her new environment, but she needed more. Jo decided to take the dog to her dad, who was looking to adopt and already had one dog, providing a potential new friend.

Source: The Dodo

Jo’s dad immediately fell in love with the beautiful dog and was ready to make the decision to adopt her. However, things took an interesting turn when Jo called him after a few days and informed him that he would indeed be adopting the dog.

He was thrilled to hear this news as he would get to see her every day, and the two dogs could play and enjoy each other’s company. In the end, this delightful surprise meant that an adorable dog found a new future with a loving family who would never abandon her.

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