The Wobbly Black Cat Welcomes Another Wobbly Kitten Into His Home


Do you remember our star, Willy Wonky? He’s the black cat whose chances of getting adopted were close to none, until Mandy stepped in. Willy, who has cerebellar hypoplasia, found a loving home in Kansas City with the sweetest owners.

Mandy and Phillip, Willy’s devoted owners, admit that they had to make significant adjustments in their lives to make everything purr-fect for Willy, but they don’t regret a second of it! According to them:

“Willy did change our world. We had to make a lot of adjustments, but it’s well worth it. He’s so full of life despite his disabilities.”

Overcoming Adoption Challenges

When they first came across Willy, Mandy mentioned how he had a hard time getting adopted. It wasn’t just his fur color, which unfortunately often leads to black cats being overlooked at shelters, but also his condition, cerebellar hypoplasia. This neurological condition affects a cat’s brain development. According to VCA hospitals:

“The most typical symptoms are jerky or uncoordinated walking, swaying from side to side when trying to walk, a goose-stepping gait called hypermetria, mild head tremors, and/or intention tremors.”

However, to Willy, he’s just like any other cat, with the only difference being his unique wobble when he walks.

A Life of Adjustments and Rewards

Mandy and Phillip made several adjustments in their lives to ensure Willy’s well-being, and they realized how rewarding it was to care for him. They were so committed to helping cats with special needs that they decided to welcome another wobbly kitty into their home.

Willy Wonky Meets Charlie

Meet Charlie, another cat struggling to find a home due to his condition. The decision to bring Willy and Charlie together turned out to be the best decision ever.

“A friend of mine reached out to me about a shelter needing help with placement of a wobbly cat. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, and he got along with Willy so well. They are with each other all the time, and Charlie loves to groom Willy.”

Expanding Their Loving Home

Seeing Willy’s loving nature and how Charlie thrived under their care gave Mandy the confidence to open their home to more cats with disabilities.

“I think my home will be open to many more special needs animals because my husband and I can’t imagine our lives without them.”

Willy and Charlie are just too adorable! Phillip and Mandy are true heroes, opening their hearts and home to cats in need. They are making a real difference in the world.

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