These 30 Photos Of Silly Ginger Cats Are Undoubtedly Going To Make You Laugh


If you’re having a bad day and need a laugh, or you’re just a cat lover, then the subreddit “One Orange Braincell” is the place for you.

They’re dedicated to showcasing the hilarious side of orange cats, with many orange cat owners sharing photos of their own furry ginger friends. However, despite the name, not all photos are purely “silly”.

Some cats are simply quirky or curious, and their owners capture them in those moments. This subreddit section is a celebration of all orange kitties, and you’re welcome to join in.

There’s something about orange cats that makes them appear, well, not the brightest of the bunch.

1. Upvote For Sleep

2. The Best Way To Relax

3. Makes Sense…He’s Orange, They’re Orange

4. He Loves His Eggs

5. “My Precious”

6. Tip For Cats: How To Make It To 17? Use Only One Brain Cell.

7. This Is Precious

8. Well, Purring Is A Valid Reason

9. This Picture Is Rated R No More

10. Tigers Are, In Fact, Just Orange Cats…

11. The View From Up Here Is Amazing

12. Just Chillin’…

13. He Looks Like He’d Do It Again

I had a similar situation when I had two kittens. One of them had to have his eyes cleaned every morning, and the other would come and watch me do it. Then, he’d wait for me to clean his eyes as well.

I cleaned the first one’s eyes with drops from the vet, and the second one I just wiped with a warm cloth. Haha, it was adorable.

14. Here’s A Way Of Getting Someone’s Attention

15. I Think They Don’t Like Each Other’s Outfits

16. He Knows He Can Get Anything With This Face

17. Hmm… Feels Like He’s Missing A Title: Lord Gus…

18. An Orange Diamond

19. He Just Wants His Daily Dose Of Worship

20. Just Hangin’

21. The Grass Is Always Greener

22. Not A Care In The World

23. Happy And Careless

24. Healthy And Vibing

25. Well, It Is A Great Place To Hide

26. Now, That Is One Big Ginger

27. He Hid Purrfectly

28. Classic “Boop The Snoot” Move

29. Chair Water Hits Differently

30. Yep. Definitely Orange Hahaha

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