Tiny Kitten Left Behind, Starving and Lethargic, Until Kind-Hearted People Discovered Him


Orphaned and Abandoned

A tiny, dilute orange kitten found himself orphaned after being separated from his mother. His previous owner, facing eviction, managed to find new homes for his mother and littermates, but this tiny one was accidentally left behind, all alone.

Without anyone to care for him, the poor kitten had no food for several days. It was a dire situation, and it’s remarkable that he even survived.

Rescue Operation

Fortunately, a group of compassionate individuals noticed the lone kitten and reached out to Emilie Rackovan, an animal rescuer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The call came in late at 11 PM, but Emilie wasted no time coming to the kitten’s aid.

Only 30 minutes later, Emilie and the rescued kitten, whom she named Eggnog, were on their way to her home. She recalled the rescue moment:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was still shocked by his appearance. He was cold, thin, unkempt, infested with fleas, and had thick discharge coming from his nose and eyes.”

Immediate Care and Recovery

During the ride, the poor kitten screamed at the top of his lungs, using every ounce of strength he had left. However, as soon as Emilie gave him a bottle, everything changed. Eggnog instantly calmed down and drank the kitten formula as if there was no tomorrow.

Once he was fed, Eggnog stopped screaming, as though he realized he was finally in a safe and warm place. He received a thorough cleaning, medical care, and slowly began the journey of healing. Most importantly, this sweet furry soul never missed a single meal since finding his way to his foster home.

With each passing day, Eggnog’s breathing improved as his upper respiratory infection cleared up. He grew bigger and stronger, which isn’t a surprise considering how heartily he dined.

Thriving and Growing

After two weeks in foster care, he started eating regular cat food independently, yet he didn’t want to give up on his daily formula either. Emilie shared the cutest video of Eggnog, saying:

“Eggnog would like everyone to know that even though he is fully weaned and has been for a little while, he’s still very much a baby.”

Socialization and Playfulness

Once he got bigger, Eggnog was introduced to the resident cats, who helped him socialize and taught him many cat things. That’s when Eggnog’s true personality started to blossom, revealing his playful nature. However, whenever Emilie entered the room with treats, Eggnog abandoned his playfulness to rush to her side.

A New Beginning

Emilie takes immense pride in Eggnog’s transformation and progress. She said:

“He went from starving, weak, lethargic, and infested with fleas to chonky, healthy, and thriving.”

And finally, after enduring so much, it was time for Eggnog to find happiness. He was adopted into a loving forever home, where he not only found a family but also a kitten sister, Nala.

Emilie is beyond happy for Eggnog, as she is for all her foster kittens when they find their forever homes. She said:

“Whenever people say, ‘Adopting out your fosters must be so hard,’ I think… not really when you get to send them to a wonderful home!”

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