These Two Tuxedo Cats Are Former Strays Who Finally Got An Opportunity To Enjoy The Good Life


Anyone who has ever rescued a stray cat knows the immense joy and fulfillment it brings. Each of these special kitties has a unique, heartwarming story to share.

This particular tale focuses on two tuxedo cats who, despite their striking similarities, are not biologically related. However, their shared experiences and struggles have made them inseparable, almost like soul sisters. Let’s meet them!

Meet Momo and Cleo

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

First, let me introduce Momo (the one on the left). Momo was about a year old when she was found wandering the streets, extremely emaciated and skittish. She had a gift ribbon tied around her, leading rescuers to believe she was an unwanted present. At that time, her future owner Annie had just lost her feline companion in a car accident and was seeking a new kitty to help cope with her loss. In a way, Momo became an unexpected gift to Annie, helping to fill the void left by her first cat.

Momo’s Journey

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

In an interview about her two tuxedo cats, Annie recalled the first time she and her partner met Momo:

“When we first met her, Momo was battling the cat flu but seemed curious and very interested in us. We instantly fell in love with her and took her home. We soon realized that she would be an indoor cat.”

She explained that Momo suffered from asthma attacks in the first few weeks and had a tendency to eat inedible objects like plastic and ribbons, a condition known as Pica Syndrome. Knowing they couldn’t leave her alone for too long, Annie and her partner decided to get her a sister.

Enter Cleo

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

That’s when Cleo entered the picture! The poor girl was found by the same rescue group in a parking lot at just 10 weeks old. Tragically, her hind legs had been crushed, likely from a car accident, requiring her to wear an external fixture for two months until her bones healed. Moved by her story, Annie felt compelled to adopt little Cleo and welcome her into the family. Doesn’t it seem like destiny brought them together? Cleo was hit by a car, just like Annie’s first cat, and she’s a tuxedo kitty – just like Momo. It feels like fate, doesn’t it?

Cleo’s Resilience

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

Describing Cleo, Annie said: “The vets did a fantastic job! Her hip is a little underdeveloped, and she can’t sit properly – but other than that, she’s healthy and good-spirited. She constantly asks for cuddles, meowing until you give her attention. Sometimes, she even curls up on top of my head at night, right next to me.”

Do They Get Along?

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

According to Annie, Momo and Cleo are polar opposites in personality. Momo is picky and has specific likes and dislikes, preferring quiet and distance, except when she wants to play or cuddle. Cleo, on the other hand, is exuberant and playful, always eager for interaction. While Momo finds Cleo’s energy overwhelming at times, it’s clear they get along quite well – most of the time.

Sisterly Love

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

Despite their differences, Momo and Cleo enjoy each other’s company, often playing and chasing each other around the house. They occasionally groom each other, a positive sign of their bond. Although they have their moments of conflict, especially when jealousy arises, they manage to coexist peacefully.

Sharing Their Story

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

Living with Momo and Cleo has been highly entertaining for Annie. Witnessing their antics inspired her to share their joy with the world, leading to the creation of their Instagram account, @2chaoscats, which now entertains thousands of followers globally.

When asked about her hopes for the Instagram account, Annie expressed her desire to inspire others to adopt shelter cats instead of buying purebred ones. “I thought it might be useful to show how cute cats can be, regardless of where they’re from. Maybe it would encourage a few people to visit shelters before deciding to buy a cat. If I can get a single person to adopt instead of buying, I’d be happy.”

A Happy Ending

(Credit: @2chaoscats)

I hope you enjoyed meeting Momo and Cleo as much as I did. They are incredibly adorable and make a great duo; I even envy Annie for having them around (but shhh, don’t tell my cats). If you want to see more of Momo and Cleo, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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