Every Mom Can Relate to This Overprotective Dog Taking Care of Its New Puppy!


What a good Mama! She’s protective and taking good care of her baby. ❤️

That is so beautiful seeing that photo—she won’t let go; it’s her baby. Bless her ♥️❤️❤️

The adorable clip was shot on December 7, 2021, in Yantai City, China, located in Shandong Province. We see four-year-old Addie shielding the puppy’s eyes as the owner scolds the puppy. What a sweet, protective parent and an inspiration to pooches everywhere.

It’s no wonder this golden retriever is such a great parent. After all, golden retrievers have been bred for loyalty and protectiveness. You can tell that Addie wants to obey her owners but is overcome by love and a motherly instinct to protect her pup. Even so, she gently rebuffs her owner. It’s not easy to walk a fine line like that, but Addie does a fine job of it.

Golden retrievers famously stay by their owner’s side; even treats cannot tear them away. However, in this case, one adorable pup was all it took to show where this dog’s true loyalties lie. Although smothered in love, this pup doesn’t seem to object to his mother’s affection.

Great Mom! 🐾💕

Although Addie seemed to feel that it was too early to teach this young pup new tricks, she eventually reconciled with her human. At least Addie’s mind on the matter is clear.

Beautiful mother and puppy love. Really good mother ❤️

Beautiful mama loving her little one, and making sure it is kept safe! What a special Mom! They are both beautiful 🤩❤️❤️

The featured video shows that golden retrievers are loyal, friendly, and loving dogs the world over.

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