Cement Instead of Silicone”: The Aftermath of a Cosmetic Procedure Gone Awry


In the pursuit of eternal youth, many individuals take extreme measures, consulting cosmetic experts and plastic surgeons alike. Yet, not all of these professionals possess medical qualifications. Driven by a desire for quick transformation, Raji hastily enlisted the services of an unaccredited cosmetologist.

Regrettably, this supposed specialist injected her with a mixture containing actual cement and tire sealant, rather than safe cosmetic fillers. Shortly after the procedure, Raji observed her facial structure deteriorating, as unsightly bumps began to mar her cheeks.

Fortuitously, Raji stumbled upon a rehabilitation program tailored for victims of such negligent treatments. Over time, she successfully reclaimed much of her original facial appearance, a restoration that brought her immense happiness and relief.

However, minor persistent lumps on her cheeks remain a concern. Any attempt to remove these could jeopardize her health further.

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