Frightened, Emaciated Dog Transforms Into a Joyful Princess After Experiencing True Love in Foster Care


Foster care holds an indispensable role in the rehabilitation of rescued animals, a fact often overlooked.

Animals that endure severe conditions before rescue suffer greatly—they become fearful, disoriented, and skeptical of any human interaction.

Yet, when these creatures are embraced by a compassionate human in a nurturing foster home, they gradually learn the true essence of being a cherished family member.

This was precisely the journey of a dog named Putri under the care of her foster parent, Kelly.

Tragic Beginnings

Before Kelly’s intervention, Putri survived as a stray, deprived of basic necessities like food and water, leading to severe malnutrition and the loss of her once-lustrous coat.

Recognizing her dire situation, rescuers knew immediate action was necessary to save her life.

Capturing her was straightforward, and she was quickly taken for medical care.

Although the veterinarians provided excellent care, they understood that Putri’s recovery hinged on the love and dedication of a foster family. Kelly was ready to provide just that.

“She was utterly terrified, so it was clear that a foster home would be ideal for her recovery. I volunteered to take her in,” Kelly shared with The Dodo.

Life in Foster Care

Upon arriving at Kelly’s, Putri was so frightened that she initially took refuge in the bushes near the home.

For three weeks, those bushes were her sanctuary.

Kelly, respecting Putri’s need for space, began by leaving food outside her hiding spot. Over time, Kelly would sit nearby, offering food directly from her hand, which Putri cautiously accepted.

Despite these efforts, Putri remained wary, quickly retreating whenever she sensed Kelly’s gaze.

“It was a slow process, but she was gradually learning to trust. I knew, however, that she couldn’t hide forever,” Kelly reflected.

Another worry for Kelly was the potential reaction of her own lively dogs, which she feared might intimidate Putri further.

However, she was pleasantly surprised.

A Remarkable Transformation

One morning, Kelly witnessed a heartwarming scene—Putri joyfully playing with the other dogs, a significant breakthrough in her recovery.

Putri began venturing indoors in the evenings, a tentative explorer of her new environment. The real turning point came when she first laid on her side, belly exposed, in a display of trust and comfort.

Walking and exploring outdoors became her new favorite activities, and she blossomed into a confident, joyful dog.

Returning from walks, Putri’s bursts of playful energy—her ‘zoomies’—filled the home with laughter.

Kelly credits her dogs with playing a pivotal role in Putri’s rehabilitation, serving as her guides in rediscovering her instincts.

From a terrified stray to a dog eagerly awaiting her human’s return for affection and play, Putri’s transformation was complete. Her coat regrew, her weight normalized, and her zest for life was unmistakable.

Kelly’s patience and determination as a foster parent were transformative, helping Putri see the beauty and joy of life anew.

A heartfelt salute to Kelly, a true hero in the world of animal rescue.

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