The World’s Hairiest Girl Opts for Facial Hair Removal: A Transformation


Supatra Sasufan, a notably young entrant in the Guinness Book of Records, earned her place not through athletic feats or extraordinary abilities, but due to her extensive body hair, earning her the title of the hairiest girl in the world.

For years, Supatra and her parents sought remedies for her condition. Unfortunately, current medical solutions are inadequate for treating such excessive hair growth. Attempts at laser hair removal not only failed but exacerbated the situation by causing her hair to grow thicker and faster.

Throughout her schooling, Supatra faced mockery from peers. Despite this, she maintains that she has a supportive circle of friends who treat her kindly.

Now at 17, Supatra has learned to embrace her unique trait. She recently married, choosing to keep her partner’s identity private.

Their first photographs together have surfaced online, drawing praise and admiration from netizens. To manage her appearance, Supatra regularly shaves her face.

We extend our best wishes to Supatra for continued patience and strength. Her journey is a testament to resilience and acceptance.

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