Key Details About Bianca: A Puppy in Need of a Forever Home


Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Age: Puppy
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Compatibility with Other Pets: Yes
Compatibility with Children: Unsure
Compatibility with Cats: Unsure
Transportation by Rescue: Not Available

Bianca’s journey is one of resilience and hope. Rescued from a precarious situation where she, alongside her mother and siblings, was being sold at a flea market, Bianca’s life took a turn for the better thanks to a compassionate individual. This person not only saved them but also reached out to various rescues for assistance. When ASR (Animal Safety and Rescue) learned of this heartwarming tale, they, along with other rescues, stepped in to ensure the safety of this lovely canine family. A generous, dog-loving pilot further helped by flying Bianca to ASR in Maryland.

Presently, Bianca is thriving in a foster home, engaging in typical puppy mischief. Known as Little Ms. Bianca, she is exceptionally intelligent and full of life, exhibiting a great fondness for other dogs, toys, and particularly enjoys chasing balls. Her charming, affectionate, and curious nature wins over everyone she meets. A notable enthusiast of water, Bianca loves splashing around in her small pool.

Bianca is eager to share her story and charm you in person. To initiate the adoption process and potentially welcome her into your family, please fill out an adoption application. Bianca is waiting to meet her forever companion.

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