Six Earthly Experiences Absent in Heaven


Heaven, distinct in its perfection from Earth, omits several activities and experiences, some delightful and others distressing, which are commonplace in our worldly existence. While it might seem paradoxical that activities bringing joy here might be excluded from a perfect heaven, it underscores a profound truth: not all pleasurable earthly experiences are beneficial or necessary in the divine realm. Just as excessive sugar consumption is enjoyable yet harmful, certain joys of Earth are absent in heaven due to their inherent flaws or earthly nature.

Here are six significant activities and experiences that, according to biblical teachings, will not be found in heaven:

  1. Marriage and Procreation: Earthly life often revolves around relationships, particularly marriage and childbearing, which shape many aspects of daily living and personal fulfillment. In heaven, however, these institutions do not exist. While the notion of eternal singleness might sound lonely from an earthly perspective, the nature of heavenly existence transcends earthly feelings of solitude, offering a unique, fulfilling companionship with the divine and others.
  2. Grieving: Pain, loss, and the resultant grief are integral to the human experience but are absent in heaven. The scriptures assure us that heaven contains no suffering, sickness, or death, thus eliminating any need for mourning. Instead, unending peace and happiness pervade, with the only tears shed being those of joy and gratitude.
  3. Evangelizing: On Earth, many Christians feel a duty to evangelize, spreading their faith to ensure others can also reach salvation. However, in heaven, evangelization is unnecessary because its inhabitants have already achieved salvation. Although discussions and praises of God will abound, the need to convert is absent, fulfilling the purpose of evangelistic efforts.
  4. Visiting the Beach: Despite the beach’s status as a favored vacation spot for relaxation and enjoyment, heaven does not feature this landscape. Revelation 21 explicitly mentions the absence of the sea, reflecting its biblical associations with chaos and peril. The lack of an ocean in heaven suggests a realm free from the dangers and fears often symbolized by earthly seas.
  5. Facing Darkness: In heaven, darkness does not exist; only eternal light prevails, signifying the end of both physical and metaphorical shadows. This absence of darkness extends beyond the literal, encompassing the spiritual purification where sin, envy, and greed find no hold, and only love and generosity flourish.
  6. Watching the Moon Rise: The celestial phenomena of moonrises, sunsets, and starry skies that inspire awe in the beauty of creation will no longer be necessary in heaven. The glory of God itself illuminates heaven, rendering these natural lights obsolete. While the thought of no more lunar or solar cycles may seem melancholic, what replaces them will be of such beauty that former wonders will not be missed.

In essence, heaven offers a state of existence so profoundly different and perfect that earthly pleasures and pains, however significant here, are rendered unnecessary there. This transformation ensures that what is forsaken is far outweighed by the eternal joy and perfection found in the divine presence.

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