Charming Updates from the Nevada Northern Railway’s ‘Boss Shop Cat Division!’


The Legendary Reign of Dirt, the Boss Shop Cat For fifteen years, Dirt, a robust tomcat, reigned as the Boss Shop Cat of the Nevada Northern Railway. Despite being the smallest of his litter, Dirt was the sole survivor who stayed on at the railway. Over his lifetime, Dirt gained international fame and became a significant attraction, drawing countless visitors to Ely.

Cats have historically brought luck and prosperity to railways; for instance, Tama, a celebrated railway cat from Japan, famously rescued her railway from financial distress. Similarly, Dirt’s presence seemed to weave a magical spell of fortune.

Dirt’s distinct charm left an indelible mark on all who met him, uplifting spirits and brightening days amidst the pervasive coal dust.

The Legacy Continues with DJ Following Dirt’s heartrending passing in January 2023, his protégé, DJ (Dirt Junior), an orange tabby like his mentor, has been stepping into some rather large paws.

DJ’s journey began when the railway adopted him from a Lund ranch, responding to their search for an orange and white kitten in 2020. Under Dirt’s guidance, DJ flourished.

With another ‘kitten season’ upon us, the railway is now on a quest to find a protégé for DJ, expanding the beloved Boss Shop Cat Division. “With DJ admirably filling Dirt’s large paws, it is time to prepare him to mentor the next generation,” the railway announced.

Operation Kitty for the Nevada Northern Railway Both DJ and Dirt were rescue kittens, continuing a heartwarming tradition of animal welfare at the railway. In partnership with Bristlecone Animal Aid Rescue And Xpress (BAARX), they launched ‘Operation Kitty.’ Even before the search began, they had named the future kitten R2D3, short for RailRoad Dirt 3, introducing him beside one of Dirt’s statues.

“We have found R2D3, and he is simply irresistible! Born on March 25th at 1:48 pm, he was the second kitten in his litter,” they excitedly reported.

Unanticipated Joy: Plans Delightfully Derailed Hinting at further developments, the railway teased, “As typical with railway operations, even the best-laid plans can veer off unexpectedly. Stay tuned for more on this tomorrow.”

True to their word, they revealed the adoption of another kitten from R2D3’s litter, born at 3:13 pm. The railway couldn’t resist adopting both siblings.

The Duo, R2D3 and Kennecatt Naming the second kitten Kennecatt, after an orange Kennecott caboose, was a fitting tribute, reflecting Dirt’s choice of home in his earlier days. Adopting the pair proved wise, as they keep each other entertained and simplify their caretakers’ responsibilities.

“Choosing not to separate the brothers was an easy decision. If one orange and white furball was delightful, surely two would be even better,” they reasoned.

A Lasting Legacy on the Tracks As these kittens prepare for their new roles, the railway and its partners delight in continuing to care for them until they are ready to join DJ. With Dirt’s legacy guiding them, they will soon make their home in the railway’s shop and engine house, leaving adorable paw prints along the way.

“Welcome to the NNRY family, R2D3 and Kennecatt! BAARX is thrilled to be part of this delightful journey known as Operation Kitty. And no, we don’t mind kitty-sitting these fluffy bundles of joy until they’re ready for their big brother DJ at NNRY,” the rescuers shared.

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