Exceeding XXXL Limits: Tess Holliday Struggles with Oversized Garment


Tess Holliday, who weighs 342 pounds, once again encountered difficulty with her clothing selection.

The American gained fame by venturing into modeling despite her fuller figure, quickly making a name for herself and even being celebrated as one of the most prominent plus-size models in the industry.

Despite frequent suggestions from her fans that she consider losing weight, Holliday firmly opposes this idea. Weighing over 155 kilograms, she consistently expresses contentment with her appearance and insists she leads a fulfilling life comparable to her slimmer counterparts.

As such, Holliday often opts for crop tops, short skirts with deep necklines, and various shorts. While she feels confident and attractive in these outfits, they are controversial as they accentuate what some deem her imperfections.

At one point, Holliday attempted to wear a black hoodie and shorts ensemble envisioned by the designer to be voluminous. However, when Tess donned it, the outfit unexpectedly became form-fitting.

The attire accentuated every fold and area of cellulite on the model’s legs, challenging the conventional standards of fashion aesthetics.

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