Charming Stray Cat Wanders Into Police Station, Finds a Loving Home


In the world of law enforcement, dogs are a familiar sight, but cats? Not so much. That narrative took a delightful turn when a stray cat boldly made its way into the Columbia Police Department in Columbia, South Carolina.

This adventurous feline entered the station in search of affection and a human companion. Upon its arrival, the police department humorously noted,

“This furry feline stopped by VPD West Region to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also.”

The cat quickly endeared itself to everyone. Seeking cuddles and affection, he easily won over the hearts of the officers. The department warmly received him, bestowing upon him the name Kingsley, whose mission seemed to be brightening everyone’s day.

Kingsley’s charm extended beyond seeking affection; he also showed a penchant for capturing moments, eagerly taking selfies with the officers.

He not only posed with flair but also enjoyed curling up in the laps of officers, offering purring massages to ease the stresses of their day.

Efforts to locate Kingsley’s original owners proved fruitless, confirming his status as a longtime stray. Fortunately, his story took a heartwarming turn when Officer Brandon Montgomery stepped forward to adopt him, providing Kingsley with a permanent home.

This photo captures Kingsley with Officer Montgomery, his new owner, marking the beginning of a joyous new chapter.

Kingsley’s savvy entrance into the police department clearly demonstrated his intelligence and foresight, anticipating a brighter future. Thanks to Officer Montgomery’s generosity, Kingsley is now thriving in his new, loving home.

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