A Woman Undergoes Enhancements to Emulate a Bratz Doll, Unfazed by Public Opinion / Bright Side


Andrea Ivanova has captivated worldwide attention for her extraordinarily large lips and is now striving to attain the title for the world’s most prominent cheekbones and fuller lips. Her transformative journey began in 2018, motivated by her desire to mirror the distinctive appearance of a Bratz doll, which also led her to undergo various other enhancements, including jaw and chin fillers.

Andrea believes her current lips are “still lacking.” As a social media influencer, Andrea Ivanova commenced her transformation in 2018 with the goal of redefining her facial aesthetics to unprecedented proportions and envisions her lips to be “substantially larger.”

Andrea has already undergone extensive filler treatments, yet her ambition remains unfulfilled. She previously revealed that despite some clinics refusing to administer more lip fillers due to health risks, her determination hasn’t wavered.

“I am determined to enhance my lips further and will persist with additional injections to achieve greater volume,” Andrea has openly expressed. “My lips are not sufficiently voluminous yet, and I aim for a much more pronounced size. I plan to receive more fillers monthly, though I’ve lost track of the total expenditure.”

She also aims to possess the world’s most prominent cheekbones.

In her pursuit of this goal, Andrea is now focusing on enlarging her cheekbones to the maximum. “I am not fond of conventional looks; I am drawn to bold, extravagant aesthetics,” declared the 25-year-old, who already resembles a Bratz doll.

To date, Andrea has invested over $1,900 in her quest for more pronounced cheekbones, with the journey far from over. “I have undergone four hyaluronic acid injections in my cheekbones thus far and plan for two more within this week,” she explained. “Post-procedure, I must avoid significant facial pressure for up to three days.”

She revealed that several clinics have denied her the cheek enhancement procedure, citing the potential for life-threatening complications from further injections.

Andrea disregards negative feedback.

Ivanova, who has undergone over 43 procedures, disclosed spending more than $18,000 to “refine” her looks, with lip treatments alone amounting to over $9,000.

Despite encountering numerous negative remarks, Ivanova remains unfazed. “I am indifferent to people’s comments as I adhere to my own aesthetic ideals and beauty perceptions—I rigorously follow them. Everyone should prioritize their own satisfaction, disregarding others’ opinions, because finding personal happiness is the essence of life,” she affirms.

However, caution is advised with cosmetic enhancements. Another young woman faced severe complications from a routine lip filler procedure that drastically enlarged her lips. She now stresses the importance of cautious consideration for anyone contemplating lip augmentation.

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