Rescued: Five Precious Puppies Left by a Bustling Roadside


Every dog deserves a loving home and devoted humans to cherish them wholeheartedly. The increasing accounts of dogs lacking such love are profoundly disheartening.

These heart-wrenching tales of forsaken animals underscore the ongoing issue of animal cruelty.

Fortunately, the world has more kind-hearted individuals than not, fostering belief in a brighter future. This hope sustains our faith that these delightful dogs and other deserted creatures will ultimately find joy.

The following narrative unfolds the saga of five charming 10-week-old Collie cross puppies on their path to a joyful resolution.

Facing Immediate Peril

In March 2023, these endearing pups were left in a cardboard box beside a bustling road. Unaware of the peril, they playfully interacted, their energy and cuteness drawing the attention of a vigilant local. Given the dangerous proximity to the highway, he quickly contacted ISPCA rescuers who promptly arrived to secure their safety.

The rescuers successfully whisked the puppies away to the safety of the ISPCA Animal Care Center.

Trish Spargo, the ISPCA’s chief, sternly criticized the act of abandoning animals as “not only illegal but also utterly irresponsible and cowardly.” She called for public assistance in identifying those responsible for this reprehensible act.

Restored to Safety

Once at the center, the puppies underwent thorough veterinary examinations. Despite some parasitic issues, their overall health was stable. The ISPCA team bathed and treated them for parasites, ensuring a swift recovery.

During their recovery, the puppies were overjoyed to explore their new environment, taking delight in their playful antics at the facility.

“They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, engaging in games and enjoying a variety of toys. The exceptional care they received from our devoted staff and volunteers was truly uplifting,” expressed Carmel Murray, head of communications at ISPCA.

A Joyful Conclusion

The lively quintet, named Sean, Stephanie, Michelle, Brendan, and Gaza, remained at the center until they were healthy and vaccinated. Soon after, they were ready to be adopted.

It wasn’t long before each puppy found a loving family, ready to provide abundant love and care. They began to thrive, surrounded by individuals who deeply valued them.

While these puppies found their forever homes, it’s crucial to remember the countless animals still in need. Animal shelters and rescue centers are facing an overwhelming number of abandoned and surrendered pets and are struggling to manage.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who fosters or adopts, offering these animals the loving endings they so richly deserve.

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