A Dog’s Brush with Euthanasia Ends in Unbridled Joy


Recently, I encountered a poignant statement saying that rescuing dogs involves 50% sadness and 50% relief—a sentiment that deeply resonates with anyone familiar with animal rescue.

It’s heart-wrenching to encounter abandoned or stray dogs, knowing so many endure suffering and neglect. However, the relief and joy that come from securing a safe future for a rescued dog are profoundly rewarding.

This story highlights such a transformation, detailing the rescue of a dog from the brink of euthanasia, saved by the compassion of a kind-hearted individual.

A Beagle Overflowing with Gratitude

In an all-too-common scenario, financial constraints lead some pet owners to consider euthanasia for pets with costly medical issues. Such was nearly the fate of Gregory, a beagle whose life hung in balance until Joe Kirk intervened. Just two days shy of a scheduled euthanization, Joe, who runs the Hound Rescue and Animal Sanctuary in Findlay, Ohio with his wife, Schenley, rescued Gregory. Their organization focuses on rehoming neglected animals and providing foster care for those deemed unadoptable.

Schenley shared on Facebook, “Gregory is one thankful Beagle! He KNOWS he is SAFE!” Despite testing positive for heartworm, Gregory felt secure, understood he was in caring hands, and was set to receive the necessary treatment to restore his health.

Gregory’s New Beginning

Under the care of the Kirks, Gregory received veterinary treatment for his heartworm condition. Shortly after his recovery began, he was listed for adoption and didn’t have to wait long for a family to open their hearts to him. He soon found his forever home where he now thrives alongside a new beagle sibling.

Schenley’s words encapsulate the mission of their sanctuary: “We are often asked how many dogs we have saved. The answer is, we’ve saved one more. One more dog is safe, loved, respected, and will receive the care and affection it deserves.”

Gregory’s story is a beautiful reminder of the impact kindness can have on those in need, especially for dogs who repay such compassion with boundless joy and loyalty.

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