Cherished Cat ‘Cannoli’ Blessed by Guardian Angels After Family Neglect


Do we truly merit the unwavering affection our pets lavish upon us? We endeavor to, but sometimes a family’s best efforts prove grossly inadequate. Despite a pet’s perfection, neglect can still occur. It’s a distressing reality; however, in the plight of an overlooked cat named Cannoli, vigilant guardian angels intervened, significantly altering his fate.

Cannoli: The Quintessential Feline Delight

Cannoli, a majestic buff and white cat hailing from Los Angeles, embodies the quintessential feline. He might be a Norwegian Forest Cat or have Maine Coon lineage—though his breed matters less than his charm. Cannoli is stunningly beautiful and offers all the affection and tranquility one could desire in a companion.

Despite being disregarded by his previous owners—who relegated him outdoors and neglected his medical needs—Cannoli showed remarkable resilience. Unneutered and flea-ridden, the young cat endured hardships, including a leg injury that worsened due to neglect. Rather than receiving necessary care, his family heartlessly deserted him during a move, stripping him of his collar and identification. Understanding such cruelty is challenging, yet thankfully, many compassionate souls are ready to assist.

A Neighbor’s Watchful Care

Images and media via Instagram/thehappykittyrescue and kittyboyandfriends

Priscilla, a vigilant neighbor, had watched over him since his kittenhood, affectionately calling him Milo. She frequently observed him left outside and made several attempts to discuss his welfare with his family, to no avail. When Cannoli, limping and in pain, sought refuge on Priscilla’s porch, she confronted his family once more, only to find they had vanished.

A New Beginning

Video: Instagram/thehappykittyrescue

Gratefully, Priscilla turned to social media for help, connecting with Grace Choi of the Happy Kitty Rescue. Grace embraced the responsibility to care for him, renaming him Cannoli. Despite his trials, Cannoli remained incredibly gentle, trusting, and affectionate from the outset.

Now, the focus turned to his improperly healed leg. As a growing kitten, without intervention, his condition threatened to deteriorate significantly.

“It almost appears as though he’s presenting it to appear adorably quaint, so I’ve nicknamed it his ‘pretty leg’ ☺️,” Grace commented.

Cannoli recently relished a new toy, Lamb Chop, for Easter—clear evidence of his newfound happiness. The joy he exhibited was a testament to the love and care he was finally receiving.

Securing a Pain-Free Future

Cannoli continued to endear himself to Grace, who meticulously administered ear drops and gave him flea baths. After each bath, signs of his previous neglect washed away. A visit to an orthopedic surgeon revealed that immediate surgery was necessary to prevent further discomfort, necessitating a substantial financial commitment. However, Grace and her supportive community were determined to provide Cannoli with a life free from pain.

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