Mississippi Couple Unveils First Photos of Quintuplets Aged Two Months, Celebrating Easter in NICU


A Mississippi couple, Haylee and Shawn Ladner, recently shared the first photos of their quintuplets on Easter, a special moment celebrated together in the NICU at Children’s of Mississippi.

The couple was photographed snuggling with their newborns—four identical daughters and a son—all of whom remain under careful supervision in the neonatal intensive care unit. The hospital’s Facebook page featured these tender moments.

Another touching photo showcased the quintuplets—Adalyn Elizabeth, Everleigh Rose, Malley Kate, Magnolia Mae, and their brother, Jake Easton—dressed in Easter-themed outfits, peacefully napping side by side.

Born on February 16, the quintuplets are reported to be progressing well, according to the hospital.

The arrival of the Ladner quintuplets, born via Cesarean section at 28 weeks, marks a rare medical occurrence. Dr. Rachael Morris, an associate professor of maternal fetal medicine who delivered the babies, noted the extraordinary nature of their birth, emphasizing the rarity of identical quadruplets.

The conception was aided by intrauterine insemination. During the process, one egg divided into four, resulting in the identical girls, while another egg developed into their brother.

Haylee’s resilience and dedication throughout her pregnancy were highlighted by Dr. Morris, who described her as one of the strongest mothers she has ever encountered. The couple’s journey, including their prenatal care under Dr. Morris, was thoroughly documented on their YouTube channel, “Five Little Ladners.”

On the morning of their birth, the siblings arrived within minutes of each other, with Jake being the last to be born at 9:23 a.m.

Haylee recently shared updates about the quintuplets on Facebook, noting their latest milestones, including their first baths. While Everleigh was less enthusiastic, Jake enjoyed the new experience.

The care for Haylee and her children involved a coordinated effort from multiple specialized teams, including UMMC Women’s Care and the Center for Maternal and Fetal Care, emphasizing the comprehensive support provided to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the quintuplets.

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