Kittens’ Absent Father Makes a Swift Exit When Confronted About Child Support


As spring blossoms across the urban landscape, the city becomes a bustling hub for all kinds of critters, from the smallest bugs to streetwise raccoons and roaming cats. It’s also the season when stray mother cats seek shelter to raise their newborns, leading to some unexpected discoveries.

‘Child Support’ Drama Unfolds for a Litter of Kittens In Yonkers, a musician known online as AnF420 stumbled upon a surprising scene: a litter of kittens cozily nestled inside his grandparents’ oversized speaker cabinet.

While his family had been caring for a pregnant tabby, she chose to deliver her kittens during their absence, prompting AnF to undertake a thorough search of the house. “I looked everywhere until I found them inside this speaker 😂😭,” AnF shared in a humorous TikTok post.

Father of the Kittens Flees at the Mention of Child Support As the kittens grew, they were moved from the speaker to a larger box within the home, quickly becoming a social media sensation. AnF humorously attempted to hold the suspected father, a fluffy black and white stray frequently seen nearby, accountable. “You got four kids, bro! He won’t own up to his responsibilities,” AnF joked, noting that the tomcat would bolt every time the subject of his offspring came up.

“The moment you start talking about kids, he ran away 😭😭. He knew,” commented a follower on TikTok.

Child Support Seems Off the Table Despite the playful allegations of neglect, the true father figure to these kittens turned out to be AnF himself, who formed a special bond with a grey kitten named Smokey among others. He continued to create entertaining videos, playfully confronting the stray about his paternal duties. In one instance, AnF even showed the tomcat pictures of the kittens on his phone, only to watch him scamper away yet again.

“I’m going to serve him papers,” AnF joked. “Every time I say something about the kids, bro runs away.”

A Hasty Retreat After a Close Encounter The saga took a humorous turn when the tomcat met one of his kittens face-to-face. The meeting went smoothly until the tomcat learned about the three other kittens back inside the house. “He like ‘Nawww I’m out,’” Michelle D. joked about the encounter.

“He was cool up until I said he had three more in the house 😭 after he heard that he was gone 🏃🏾‍♂️😳,” AnF recounted.

While playful, this story also touches on the serious need for spaying and neutering to prevent ongoing issues like this. It’s a crucial step in managing the stray population and ensuring fewer kittens need urgent rescue.

Thankfully, through the care of this kind musician and his family, all the kittens have found loving homes. Their saga continues to entertain and educate followers on TikTok and Instagram, highlighting the importance of caring for our feline friends, even in the face of humorous adversity.

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