NYPD Officer Discovers Pup Chained in the Rain and Vows to Change His Fate


One fateful day while on duty, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale encountered a sight he couldn’t overlook—a small dog left chained in the rain in a public park, writes ilovemydogsomuch. The scene was heartbreaking, with the dog shivering amidst broken beer bottles and needles. The dog’s pleading eyes seemed to implore the officer for rescue.

Determined not to leave the helpless animal behind, Officer Pascale unchained the dog and transported him to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center, where the pup was placed under a mandatory 72-hour hold to determine if an owner would come forward. Before leaving, Michael assured the dog, saying, “I’ll be back. Don’t worry.” He even shared the situation with his wife, who immediately responded, “Bring him home!”

Over the next three days, Michael visited the dog, named Joey, ensuring he wasn’t alone. When the waiting period concluded, Michael was there, ready to provide Joey with a forever home. “Nothing like that is ever gonna happen to him again,” he declared confidently. The bond they formed was undeniable, and it was clear they were destined to be together.

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