In Her Final Moments, a Poisoned Mother Dog Heroically Pleads for the Rescue of Her Puppies


“My heart shattered upon finding Luna…”

Luna, a new mother to six puppies, fell victim to a cruel act shortly after giving birth. While scavenging for food, she encountered poison hidden beneath a vehicle near her birthing spot. Tragically, she consumed the tainted food and became severely ill.

A compassionate young boy noticed Luna in a dire state. He waited for the person responsible for the poison to leave before contacting the Prishtina Dog Shelter for help. The shelter responded promptly, and upon their arrival, Luna, despite struggling to breathe, managed to lift her head in a poignant plea for her puppies’ safety. The shelter’s veterinarian administered an emergency injection to stabilize her.

Luna was then transported to the Prishtina Dog Shelter, where she was reunited with her newborns.

Although weakened and requiring substantial rest, Luna showed signs of recovery by the next day. She bravely received her first series of injections, necessary for both her and her puppies’ well-being. Despite her understandable anxiety, she remained cooperative and gentle, clearly displaying her inherent good nature.

A subsequent veterinary examination confirmed that Luna and her puppies were stable. Although too young to be adopted out, Luna’s joy was palpable when she saw her puppies thriving.

Luna’s friendly demeanor suggested she was not a stray but an abandoned dog, now displaying immense courage and resilience in the face of adversity.


…Luna exhibited extraordinary maternal instincts. Alongside her own puppies, she also nurtured Nikita and Luna, two orphaned pups who had been rescued just the day before her. Despite not being her biological offspring, she welcomed them to nurse alongside her own, further proving her exceptional nurturing nature.

After spending only ten days at the shelter, Luna and all her puppies, including the adopted ones, found a forever home. They were adopted by a compassionate family in Los Angeles, providing the loving and safe environment that Luna so rightfully deserved. This heartwarming turn of events not only saved their lives but also showcased the incredible bond and resilience found in these gentle creatures.

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