God Declares: “YOU MUST NOT SLEEP UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN THIS” | Divine Message from Jesus | A Pronouncement from God


He is observing you, so ensure you view the entire video and remember to share this divine message with your dear ones. Today, God is addressing you, His cherished child, affirming that in all endeavors you will prosper. He has made this promise and He will fulfill it. Why harbor anxiety when His mighty hand shields, comforts, and protects you? Do not succumb to fear, do not be troubled, do not falter, and do not lose heart. The love God holds for you is so vast and splendid that, were you to behold it with your own eyes, you would leap with joy repeatedly and shed tears of bliss. Please heed His words; allow Him to speak before you express your thoughts. Before we proceed, God has exciting news: tomorrow, as you awaken, commence your day with gratitude for your life and let Him adorn your face with a beaming smile. Start your day with His words on your lips, singing hymns, and praying throughout the day. At night, close your eyes in thankfulness for all the blessings and even the trials you encountered that day. Rest your head on the pillow that has absorbed your tears, but now let joy spring forth from your heart, transforming it into a song of praise. God loves you; believe and grasp the depth of His love.

When others let you down, leaving you feeling isolated, you anticipated love but encountered deceit and saw your dreams crushed. Yet, God extended His hand, lifting you with gentle care. If you find solace in the words of God, like and share this video. If you love Jesus, subscribe to our channel. You acknowledged your errors and sins, and God granted you forgiveness—His forgiveness is eternal, unchanging even if you stumble again. He will never remind you of past errors because through the power of His blood and resurrection, the shackles that once bound you are shattered. No addiction, no harmful habit, no negative emotion, nor any force in this world can restrain you anymore. They lack the strength to reverse what He has achieved. God has forgiven you, liberated you, alleviated your pain, healed your soul, and enveloped you with His loyalty. He raised you with His love, and now your heart is renewed, pure, and innocent.

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