Triumph Over Adversity: Breanna Bond’s Inspiring Transformation from Teased Child to Teen Athlete


From an early age, Breanna Bond was familiar with the challenges of peer bullying due to her weight.

While still in elementary school, Breanna was perceived as overweight. Her weight issues began early, and by first grade, she weighed 45 kg, with her weight continuing to climb annually.

By the age of eight, she weighed 84 kg and struggled with mobility, often needing breaks to breathe. Naturally, this made her a target for relentless teasing at school, leading to countless tearful walks home.

The root of her obesity was largely due to her family’s indulgent lifestyle, characterized by a diet rich in sugary snacks and frequent visits to fast-food restaurants. Realizing the gravity of their daughter’s health crisis, her parents sought medical advice. Despite fearing a serious health issue, the diagnosis was obesity, which was a relief but also a call to action.

Under the guidance of a nutritionist, Breanna’s diet was overhauled, cutting out sweets and fast food. Alongside dietary changes, she was encouraged to engage in physical activities. The Bond family unified in their efforts, embarking on extensive walks and enrolling Breanna in various sports including swimming, basketball, and running.

Starting this new lifestyle was incredibly challenging for Breanna. Initially, she struggled with fatigue and constant hunger, and even resented her parents for restricting her favorite foods. However, the benefits of these lifestyle changes became apparent quickly. Breanna began to lose weight steadily, gaining not only physical agility but also a newfound confidence.

Her peers gradually ceased their mockery, instead noting her impressive progress and physical transformation. One striking incident was when an old friend failed to recognize her at the pool, showcasing just how significant her change was. Within just a year, Breanna had lost 35 kg.

This transformation dramatically improved her life. Not only did the teasing stop, but Breanna also excelled in sports, eventually competing in the Teen Olympics at thirteen. She also joined her school’s cheerleading team. Through overcoming her challenges with weight, Breanna is now eager to share her journey and encourage others facing similar struggles.


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