Man Battles Alligator with Bare Hands to Rescue His Puppy – I Love Dog


In a display of raw courage, a man endured severe injuries to his hands while fighting an alligator to free his puppy from its powerful clasp.

Richard Wilbanks of Florida, US, was captured on video diving into shallow waters and bravely confronting a massive predator to rescue his beloved dog.

The dramatic footage shows him entering the river and extracting the alligator, which had clamped down on his squealing puppy, named Gunner. Amidst what appears to be cries of pain, Richard forcefully pried open the creature’s mouth, liberating his pet, who astonishingly sprinted to safety seemingly unscathed.

The video, released by the Florida Wildlife Federation and the F Stop Foundation, concludes with Richard standing in the water, still wrestling with the alligator.

Describing the terrifying encounter, he recounted to CNN, “We were just walking by the pond when it burst from the water like a missile. I never realized an alligator could move that fast. It was incredibly swift.”

Gunner sustained puncture wounds from the attack but miraculously survived. Richard expressed his disregard for his own safety, emphasizing that his dogs are like his “children” and he would do anything to protect them.

“He had one small puncture wound, and my hands got pretty chewed up,” Richard noted.

Now, Richard and his wife, Louise Wilbanks, ensure that Gunner is walked on a leash, maintaining a safe distance of at least 10 feet from the water. They expressed no desire for the alligator to be harmed, recognizing that it was merely acting according to its instincts in its natural environment.

“We’re very fortunate to share this space with them,” Louise commented, highlighting their respect and understanding of wildlife.


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