Cyclist Rescues Puppy Abandoned on Roadside, Carries Him Home in Her Pocket


Meire Luce Andrade Abreu stumbled upon a forsaken puppy by the roadside. Compelled by compassion, she decided to take the puppy home, snugly nestling it in her shirt pocket akin to a mother kangaroo.

In an interview with Amo Meu Pet, Meire recounted her remarkable journey of rescuing Thor, the puppy. An avid cyclist, Meire regularly traverses the urban streets on her bike, undeterred by the weather. She remains committed to her cycling routine, rain or shine. About a week ago, despite inclement weather which might have spelled trouble for others, Meire embarked on her usual route, which fortuitously led her to a precious discovery.

Midway through her journey, Meire found the abandoned puppy. Her riding companion suggested she wait until the next day to retrieve the puppy, arguing the impracticality of carrying it on her bike. “No way! I’m not leaving without him,” Meire insisted, determined to rescue the puppy immediately.

With a firm resolve, she placed the little one into her T-shirt pocket, content with her decision, and continued her ride. Thor, as the puppy was affectionately named, not only found a home but also received a clean bill of health from the veterinarian after the rescue.

Today, Thor is not solitary; he shares his new life with four canine siblings. Meire passionately advocates for adoption or assistance for abandoned animals, emphasizing that it should be driven by love, as animals are sentient beings capable of sensing affection.

Kudos to Meire for her exceptional compassion. Please share this inspiring tale with your friends!

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