Shara – 6-Year-Old Female Shar-Pei Cross Labrador


Shara is a 6-year-old female Shar-Pei cross Labrador, born on October 5, 2017. She has been seeking a loving home for over two and a half years. Shara is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and health-tested, fully prepared for a new chapter in her life.

She adapts well either as an only pet or alongside other dogs, displaying a low-maintenance character with an independent nature. Shara values her quiet moments, enjoys relaxing, and appreciates leisurely walks.

A household without very young children or active dogs would be ideal, as she prefers environments that are not too bustling. Shara is proficient on a leash, though her strength might necessitate a physically capable family.

After spending two years in a kennel, Shara is eager for a tranquil home in a rural or semi-rural area. Despite her lengthy kennel stay, she maintains a gentle disposition, suggesting she may have once been a cherished pet.

Shara longs for affection and attention, promising to be a sweet and devoted companion.

She gets along with other gentle dogs and suits experienced dog owners. Shara can also be a good fit for a home with older children.

While she has not been involved in any dog fights during her time in the kennels, she does assert her need for personal space, occasionally admonishing others if they intrude on her area. A peaceful, rural, or semi-rural home would be perfect for Shara.

If you’re interested in giving Shara the loving home she needs, please reach out for more information. Let’s help transform Shara’s life by providing the love and care she rightly deserves.

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