A Resilient Puppy Without Front Legs Finds Comfort with His Foster Father


Nobby, a remarkable puppy, overcame great adversity from the moment of his birth. Lacking front legs, his prospects appeared grim when the veterinarian recommended euthanasia just hours after he was born. Yet, Nobby’s narrative took an uplifting twist due to his owner’s resolute choice.

The initial weeks of Nobby’s life were fraught with difficulties. His inability to nurse from his mother, compounded by his siblings pushing him aside, posed severe challenges. However, despite these hurdles, Nobby’s owner, Lou Robinson, who is renowned for her dedication to rescuing homeless and unwanted dogs, stood firm in her commitment to him.

Lou, alongside her husband, Mark, enthusiastically took on the task of nurturing Nobby themselves. The couple devoted themselves to providing him with constant care, infusing his life with love, security, and sustenance through bottle feeding.

Nobby continues to be a beacon of hope, facing his challenges with courage. The Robinsons have established a Facebook page dedicated to his life’s adventures, offering fans a glimpse into his extraordinary existence. Recent posts show a thriving Nobby, exuding energy and happiness.

Now a robust and spirited dog, Nobby navigates life with zest. His tailor-made wheelchair allows him to move freely, seizing each moment for adventure and discovery.

Let us applaud this exceptional dog and express our deepest appreciation to Lou and Mark for their unwavering support and love. Spread this inspiring story widely, celebrating Nobby’s relentless spirit and his remarkable journey.

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