A Forsaken Labrador with Disabilities Finds Love at Last


Statistics reveal that each year, approximately 1.5 million abandoned and mistreated dogs meet tragic ends. However, Beaux, a charming Labrador with a facial deformity, was on the brink of such a fate until his new owner discovered him, offering him the loving home he deserved.

We at Bright Side are deeply touched by Beaux’s heartwarming and inspiring story, prompting us to share it with you today. Born into a litter with six siblings, Beaux’s cranium was malformed, a condition that, while not affecting his mobility, made him undesirable to potential adopters from his breeders. Ultimately given away, his circumstances did not initially improve.

His new owners neglected him, relegating him to the backyard on a chain, without any care or even basic flea treatment. After five years of neglect, when they decided to move, Beaux was left needing a new home. That’s when Jamie found him. Horrified by his condition during her visit after seeing an online adoption post, she found Beaux severely underweight at only 19 kg and infested with parasites.

Jamie immediately felt a connection and took swift action to care for him. Despite Beaux battling heartworm, he was too frail for standard treatment. Jamie carefully nursed him through his recovery, and today, Beaux is happier than ever.

Now cherished and cared for, Beaux revels in the love he has long deserved. He enjoys tacos, plays with his 15-year-old canine brother, Riley, and spends his days walking and cuddling with his human mom.

What are your thoughts on Beaux’s transformation? Have you ever adopted a pet? Share your stories and photos in the comments, and don’t forget to pass this story along to others!

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