800lb Bride Rediscovers Love After Significant Weight Loss


In Arizona, Susanne Eman, who once weighed 800 pounds, embarked on an extraordinary journey of transformation. Before her planned 2013 wedding, Susanne managed to shed 450 pounds. Unfortunately, her fiancé, Chef Parker Clack, ended their relationship just days before the ceremony, citing her dramatic weight loss as the reason.

Devastated by the breakup and her altered appearance, Susanne quickly regained weight, adding 600 pounds. Amidst this challenging period, she found new love with 36-year-old chef Nick Abbate, who shared a similar weight loss background to her former fiancé.

Abbate, a nutritionist and advocate for weight management, embraced Susanne just as she was. His culinary skills catered to her preferences, significantly contributing to her ongoing food addiction as their romance blossomed publicly. Despite Susanne’s controversial ambition to become America’s heaviest woman, Abbate remained supportive of her and her passion for food.

Susanne initially captured public attention in 2011 with her goal to become the world’s heaviest woman. She and Chef Clack had even planned an XXXXXXXXXL wedding dress and envisioned adding 1600 pounds over the next decade.

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